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Civil War3

8th grade SS TAKS Review

The 1st battle of the Civil War What is Fort Sumter?
Siege that split the south in half What is the Siege of Vicksburg?
The bloodiest battle in all of American history What is the Battle of Antietam?
Battle which secured almost all of the Mississippi River for the Union What is the Battle of New Orleans?
Naval duel in which neither ship could defeat the other What is the Monitor vs. Merrimack?
President during the Civil War Who was Abraham Lincoln?
Commander of the Union army Who was Ulysses S. Grant?
President of the Confederacy Who was Jefferson Davis?
Commander of the Confederate army Who was Robert E. Lee?
Black person who urged Lincoln to make the Civil War a war against slavery Who was Frederick Douglass?
Lincoln’s speech commemorating the people who died at Gettysburg What is the Gettysburg Address?
Union general who was almost fired for the Union deaths in battle Who was General Ulysses S. Grant?
The main source of income for the Confederacy What is cotton?
Plan that called for a blockade of the South What was the Anaconda Plan?
The idea that caused the South to secede What is States’ Rights?
December 20 1860 When did South Carolina secede?
1861-1865 When was the Civil War?
April 9 1865 When did Lee surrender?
Speech on November 19 1863 When did Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg Address?
Battle on July 4 1863 When was the Siege of Vicksburg?
Freed some slaves and was considered to be a military action What is the Emancipation Proclamation?
Laws in 1862 and 1863 that required people to serve in the military What were the Draft Laws?
Banned slavery everywhere in the U.S. What is the 13th Amendment?
1861 tax on workers’ earnings What is income tax?
Where Lee surrendered to Grant What is Appomattox Court House?
Created by: brendafarr