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chapter 27city-state

life in two city-states:athens and sparta

introduction this chapter is going to be about two impotant city-states:Sparta and Athens. Athens was a walled city near the sea and Sparta was located in a farming area on a plain.
comparing two city-states Athens and Sparta wer both greek city-states and they were only 150 miles apart. Athens rights and Sparta rights were the difference in each city-state
athenian government Unlike modern democracies,Athens allowed only free men to be citizens.they had to meet on a hill every ten days for an assembly and at least 6000 citizens had to be present for a meeting to take place
atheneian economy The Athenian economy was based on trade.Athens acquired wood from Italy and grain from Egypt,in exchange they traded honey,live oil,silver,and pottery
education in athens Since boys grew up being the citizens,thier education and girl education were different
women and slaves in athens Women had far fewer rights than men did.many slaves were in ancient Athens
spartan government Beginning with Spartas government,Athens government was different in every wasy
spartan economy Athenian economy depended on trade and Spartas economy depended on farming and conquering other people
education in sparta In Sparta the purpose was to produce men and women who could protect the city-state. if they were not strong then they would leave them on a hilside to die
women and slaves in sparta Unlike women in Athens Spartan women got to speak with men in public. they could also marry another man if their husband had been away too long.
chapter summary This chapter was about Athens and Sparta two different city-states in ancient Greece
Created by: alikat
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