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American National Government Exam 3

which of the following best describes how to distingguish civil rights from civil liberties Unlike civil liberties, civil rights place positive obligations on the government to take action.
which of the following is the key question behind civil rights protection what is the proper meaning of equality
when did civil rights become a part of the constitution civl rights were incorporated with the ratification of the 14th amendment
what was the senica falls convention a meeting in upstate new york regurding womens rights
to what term does jim crow refer to the system of racial segregationo in the south after reconstruction.
what is the name for the type of school segregation that is the result of racially divided neighborhoods rather than state laws defacto
which of the following areas was not covered by the civil rights act of 1964 voting rights
in the civil rights act of 1964, congress vastly expanded the role of the executive branch and the credibility of court orders by requiring that federal grants in aid to state and local govenment for education to be witheald from any school practicing racial segregation.
which of the following best describes the trend in the federal courts toward school desegregation since the 1990s the court decreased the federal supervision of local school desegregation.
the right to vote was strenghtened in 1975 when congress enected in section 203: bilingual voting materials
to what term does redlining refer the practice of banks refusing to make loans to people living in certain neighborhoods
in was during the tenure of chief justice ______ that the supreme court established gender discrimination as a highly visable area of civil rights law warren e burger
at what levl of scrutiny do courts review cases involving gender discrimination intermediate scrutiny
which of the following is not the name of lation civil rights organizations N.O.W
the rights of latinos and asains were assisted by US supreme courts ruling that school districts must provide instruction that students can understand
what happened to californias prop 187 it was declared unconstitutional
affeimative action in the US involves compensation for past discrimination
a political ideaology is best defined as a cohesive set of beliefs that form a general philosophy about the government
liberalism and consevationism are good examples of political ideology
which of the following describle the fundamental american political values Liberty, equality and democracy
aproximately what percent =age of americans support majority rule 95%
Freedom from government control is what most american know as liberty
the fact that affirmative action is so controversial revels that not eveyone agrees
a persons political party preferances is primarily acquired through influence of family
one who supports the right to an abortion and opposes state involvement with religious instituions would be described as a liberal
the idea of the marketplace refers to the competition between varying opinions and ideas that are aired in the public form
whay does the marketplace of ideas have a moderating effect on peoples opinions very few ideas emerge in the marketplace spontaniosly
which of the following is not an organization committed to developing and marketing conservative ideas and policies common cause
ideas are marketed most effectivly by groups with axcess to education, financial resource, the support of public or private institutions
the most powerful force in the marketplace of ideas is communications media
the small group selected by pollsters to represent the entire population is called the sample
when a politician who uses polling data believes an issue is more important to people than it actually is, she or he has fallen for the illution of saliency
the alien and sedition acts were attempts by the federalists to silence the republicans
which of the folloing news resources reaches the most americans tv
which group has the greatest populaity on radio talk shows conservative radio hosts
all of the following are reasons why the newspaper reporting is critical except newspapers are th cheapest source of news
which of the following presidential candidates relied heavily on the impact of internet bloggers howard dean
which of the following is most free of government regulaions newspapers
Broadcast media are regulated by the FCC federal communication comissuon
if a television station sold commercial time to a republican cadidate for governor but refused to sell time to a democratic candidate for governor, this would be a violation of equal time rule
the US has apriximatly ____ television stations and _____ daily newspapers 1000, 1800
which of the following is not a national newpaper newsweek
what is a news enclave groups seeking specialized information not provided by mainstream media
reporters have the ability to signifiantly influence the news becaise they interject their own personal views
which of the following is a concervative news brocast sevace FOX news
news leaks are useful for all of the following except helps cultivate good relations with media alows a person to bolster their own personal position politions want to judge reactions of the public to their plans
the subject matter of public affairs and news reporting os often skewed towad intrests of affluent customers
i which of the following events didn the media not play a major role the koren war
which of the following statements about adversarial journalisim is false is became established during WW2
Created by: mr.vonlipich
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