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Chapter 7 & 8 Vocab

Marking Period 3 Quarterly Test Review Vocab

change amend
an alteration of or addition to a bill, law, etc. amendment
a seperate clause or section in a document such as the main body of the Constitution articles
first American constitution, passed in 1777, which created a loose alliance of the 13 independent states Articles of Confederation
first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution Bill of Rights
a building occupied by a state legislature capitol
a principle of the US Constitution that gives each branch power to check the other branches checks and balances
settlement compromise
league of independence confederation
the legislature of the United States consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives Congress
document that sets out the laws, principles, organization, and processes of government constitution
used to show belonging on the 13 American colony during the American Revolution continental
a person designated to act for or represent another or others delegate
the study of how people manage limited resources to satisfy their wants and needs economic
branch of the government that carries out the laws executive
formed by an agreement between political units (states) that surrender supreme authority (country's government) but keep certain powers federal
supporter of a strong federal government federalist
a structure composed of parts fitted together framework
plan at the Constitutional that settled the differences between large and small states Great Compromise
the larger of the two bodies that make up the legislative branch of the US government House of Representatives
also known as the Pennsylvania State House - principal meeting place of the early colonial government Independence Hall
system of courts judicial
branch that passes the laws legislative
an army of citizens that serve during an emergency militia
called for three branches of the government - the legislative branch has only one vote regardless of population New Jersey Plan
a 1787 law that set up a government for the Northwest Territory Northwest Ordiance
introduction to declaration, constitution, or other official document preamble
one who represents another or others representative
system of government in which voters elect representatives to govern them republic
the smaller of the two bodies that make up the legislative branch of the US government Senate
a group of farmers that attacked courthouses and prevented them from seizing farms Shay's Rebellion
the state of being peaceful of calm tranquility
not permitted by the Constitution unconstitutional
a legislature that consists of two houses where the number of representatives would be awarded based on population Virginia Plan
the power of one branch of the government to cancel the decisions or actions of another branch veto
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