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WWMS 8 Hist Review

Review for 8th Grade testing

What type of government divides power between a national and local governments? A Federal system
What is the division of authority between branches of government called? Separation of power
What type of government has the people elect someone to represent them? Republic
One of the main passes through the Appalachian Mountains was? Cumberland Gap
Most explorers were looking for an all-water route through the American continent. What was it called? Northwest Passage
The settlers of the Plymouth Colony were members of what religious group? Separatists
The settlers of Massachusetts Bay were members of what religious group? Puritans
Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn to be a safe place for what religiously tolerant group? Quakers
The first successful British Colony in the Americas was? Jamestown
Which amendments are referred to as the "Civil War Amendments"? The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.
What was the belief called that the United States was garaunteed to eventually stretch to the Pacific Ocean? Manifest Destiny
In a democratic government, who has the final authority? The people
What was the first document to create a national government in the United States? Articles of Confederation
Forcing people to serve in a navy is called? Impressment
A tax on imported goods is known as? Tariff or duty
What conflict was caused by the argument of state powers versus federal powers? The Civil War
What invention helped make cotton one of the most profitable crops in the 1800's South? Cotton Gin
Which Amendment to the Constitution promises the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances. 1st Amendment
The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution are referred to as what? The Bill of Rights
The right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" is garaunteed in what document? The Declaration of Independence
What state was annexed by the United States, which helped lead to the Mexican-American War? Texas
The Supreme Court case Marbury v. Madison resulted in courts gaining what important power? Judicial Review (the ability to declare a law unconstitutional)
What Supreme Court case in the 1800's declared that African-Americans were not citizens of the United States? Dred Scott v. Sanford
What were those who supported a stronger central government called? Federalists
How long does a Supreme Court Justice hold their appointment? For life.
What economic activity did many early French settlers practice in North America? Fur trade.
The movement of goods, people, and ideas between the eastern and western hemisphere was known as what? Columbian Exchange
What economic theory did European nations follow in their creation of colonies? Mercantilism
What did Europeans bring from Europe that was the most destructive to Native Americans? Diseases
Who had the right to vote in English colonies? White men.
What was the Christian Revival in the mid-1700s called? Great Awakening
How did many American colonists get around the Navigation Acts? Smuggling
What made many African Americans side with the British in the American Revolution? The promise of freedom.
What was the rebellion by the Ottawa nation against the British known as? Pontiac's War
The Proclamation Line of 1763 told forbid American colonists from settling west of what geographic feature? The Appalachian Mountains
What did American's call the laws passed by Parliament to punish America for the Boston Tea Party? The Intolerable Acts
What were the first battles of the American Revolution known as the "Shot heard 'round the world"? Lexington and Concord
What was unique about the American Declaration of Independence compared to other declarations of independence? It gave a list of grievances.
What battle in the Revolutionary War convinced other countries that we had a chance of winning? Battle of Saratoga
Colonists who fought for the British were known as? Loyalists
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Whose name has come to mean "traitor" in the United States? Benedict Arnold
What were those who opposed ratifying the Constitution called? Antifederalists
What did many opponents to the Constitution want added before they would support it? A bill of rights
How many branches did the national government have under the Articles of Confederation? One
The agreement that decided how representation in Congress would be chosen was known as? The Great Compromise
What is a change or addition to the Constitution called? Amendment
What laws under John Adams prevented many immigrants from gaining citizenship and restricted free speech? Alien and Sedition Acts
What were the first two true political parties in the United States? Federalists and Democratic-Republicans
Which political party supported the French revolution? Democratic-Republicans
What was the American belief that the nation was supposed to stretch across the continent? Manifest Destiny
The Whig party was formed to oppose what political figure? Andrew Jackson
What concept developed during the industrial revolution allowed for quick assembly and easy repair of goods. Interchangable parts
The laws concerning the activities of African Americans in the south in the 1800's were known as? Slave codes
What was the bill by Freesoilers and future Republicans that attempted to prevent slavery in new territories? Wilmot Proviso
President Lincoln waited until the victory at what battle to announce the Emancipation Proclaimation? Antietam
What failed bill would have prevented the spread of slavery into territory gained in the Mexican-American War? Wilmot Priviso
What religious group began settling in Utah in the 1840s? Mormons
This state fought a "mini-Civil War" between pro- and anti-slavery forces. Kansas
The Compromise of 1850 admitted what state as a free state? California
In 1836, what state won its independence from Mexico but was not admitted to the United States? Texas
What book is sometimes credited with hastening the coming of the Civil War? Uncle Tom's Cabin
What was the first convention in support of women's rights? Seneca Falls Convention
Horace Mann is most closely associated with? Education
The workers at the Lowell Massachusettes were mostly? Women
What canal enabled Midwest farmers to ship goods to New York City more quickly? Erie Canal
What change did most states make in voting requirements by the 1830s? White men did not have to own property to vote.
In 1819, the Supreme Court ruled in McCullough v. Maryland that? States had no power to interfere with federal institutions
The forced removal removal of the Cherokees to Oklahoma was known as the? Trail of Tears
What Supreme Court decision established the principle of judicial review? Marbury v. Madison
Triangular trade occurred between these three regions: Africa, the islands of the Caribbean, and ____________________? The colonies
What mountain chain is located in the eastern United States and is closest to Mt. Juliet? Appalachian Mountains
This was the movement of people, products, animals, and ideas between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres? Columbian Exchange
This man explored the islands of the Caribbean Sea, looking for a westward route to Asia, which he thought he had found. Christopher Columbus
What product became the economic backbone of the early English colonies in America, such as Jamestown? Tobacco
The first document creating a government in the New World was? Mayflower Compact
What religious group were some of the first abolitionists in the United States? Quakers
The trial of John Peter Zenger helped establish what important right in the American Colonies? Freedom of the Press
What early English document set limits on the power of the government and king? Magna Carta
What Supreme Court Chief Justice presided over the landmark cases of Marbury v. Madison, Gibbons v. Ogden, and McCulloch v. Maryland? John Marshall
What policy said that the United States would not allow European nations to retake former colonies in the Americas? Monroe Doctrine
What ethnic group made up the most immigrants to the United States in the 1800's? Irish
What is the idea that states can declare a law unconstitutional known as? Nullification
What documents spelled out the idea of Nullification? Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
Who was the first president to veto a bill for political reasons? Andrew Jackson (vetoed Bank of the United States charter renewal)
What president is responsible for much of the growth of the United States during the age of Manifest Destiny? James K. Polk
Where was the last major battle in the Western Theater of the U.S. Civil War? Battle of Nashville
What Amendment ended slavery in the United States? 13th Amendment
What Amendment overturned the Dred Scott decision by making African-Americans citizens of the United States? 14th Amendment
What organization was formed during Reconstruction and used violence to intimidate African-Americans? Ku Klux Klan
What English colony was originally started by James Oglethorpe as a colony for debtors to work off their debts? Georgia
What Native American tribe did Tennesseans negotiate treaties with most often for land and peace? The Cherokee
Created by: slaterc
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