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West Civi

Salvation Came by what two things? Faith and Good Works (merit salvation--sins would eliminate merit)
Pope Gregory I "the great" thought christians believed? Christians believed in Faith and Good Works (and these 2 things went unchallenged for years)
What are the 7 sacraments? Baptism, Conformation, Penance, Eucharist, Extreme Unction, Ordination and Marriage
What 5 of the 7 sacraments were truly meant to eliminate Sin? Baptism, Conformation, Penance, Eucharist, and Extreme Unction
What is Baptism and who was it done by? Baptism was done by priests. It was meant to erase the original Sin man was born with. (eating fruit of knowledge--first introduced to sex)
What is Immaculate Conception? Mary was born without sin.
What does it mean to be in Limbo? Floating around..between heaven and hell. A Child who was died during birth went into Limbo...through no fault of their own they did not get baptized, were not harmed.
What is Conformation? Made to eradicate all sins in your life before you even commit them. Is done by a bishop.
What is Penance? That specific sin would be erased after confessing the specific sin in front of the church. You were expelled from church for a time and then you were invited back. It then evolved into you just told the priest your specific sin and he gave you penance.
Thomas 'a Becket Henry's friend, an archbishop, who had him whipped in front of his people for being a part of the killing of an archbishop.
What is Eucharist? A holy communion.
What is Transubstantiation? The belief that the wafers actually turned into the flesh of Christ and the wine is actually the blood of Christ.
What is Extreme Unction? (last rites) Last confession of sins if you believe you are going to die.
Where does the communicate go first? Off to purgatory to work off their last sins to eradicate them.
What are Dispensations? Right to break church law and it wouldnt count against them as a sin--went to church to ask permission.
What is Treasury Merit? The church sold excess merit in what was called the SALE OF INDULGENCES.
What is Veneration of Relics? Revere of Saint Relics that supposenly came out of Christianity (i.e. bones of some saint and you touched em you recieved a blessing/greatness)
What is Holy Orders? A man who choses the calling of the Christian ministry, is spiritually transformed into a priest and "married" to the church.
What is Ordination? Someone who goes through this will receive the power of the keys to heaven and hell (power to forgive sin)
What is Marriage? Civil most of the time took place in the church...divorce was very rare, even frowned upon.
What is Purgatory? A place where you tidied up your sins (worked them off) before you were admitted to heaven
What is excommunication? The denial of the sacraments to an individual, thus you had no way to gain salvation. Died during time of excommunication you went to hell.
What is interdict? Excommunication of the geographic entity (everyone in that area was excommunicated)
What is something the Islamic culture didnt have? A Messiah (Messianic)
What are saints? People that made a major contribution to Christianity in some fashion. Died a Martyr's death.
Who was one Most Famous Saint? Mother Theresa
The Most Famous de-sainted Saint? St. Christopher
What was the year of the Great Schism? 1054
The Great Schism where there were two popes was between? Rome and Avignon
What was the Lay Investiture Controversy? A controversy where the question of does the laymen or does the churhc have more power...who gets to choose bishops.
The Castle where Gregoruy was and Henry came bearfoot to ask forgiveness of Greogry? Canossa
Who was the Most Powerful Pope? Innocent 3rd
The Holy Roman Emperor that was elected by 7 electors was? Otto the Great
Who was the pope that placed an interdict over England and ordered a Childrens Crusade? Pope Innocent III
The pope that wanted to try wrong doing clergy in church court? Boniface VIII
The King of France that argued they should be tried in Civil court and Created the ESTATES GENERAL? Philip the IV "The Fair"
What is the Estates General? A Meeting of Represnetatives of all 3 estates.
The papacy moved to what city in France? The City of Avignon
The papacy moving to Avignon (Christianity center) became known as? The Babylonian Captivity (only one pope)
Where and what was the Great Schism? In Rome. It was when there were two popes, one in Rome and one in Avignon. each day one would excommunicate the other.
The movement back to one pope was called? The Conciliar Movement
All learning became what? Theology
Mid Evil scholars were called? Scientists
St. Thomas Aquinas created what? Scholasticism
There were two types of Scholasticism, what are they? Revealed Theology and Natural Theology
What is Revealed Theology What was said by God in the scriptures
What is Natural Theology What was studied and found out to be true by man..."What our intellectual pursuits turned up..."
What does Scire Mean? To Know
What was the practice of turning any metal object into Gold with the Philosopher's Stone? Alchemy
What was the Philosopher's Stone was meant to turn lead or iron into stone.
What was the Elixir of Life If you came up with thr right mixture of chemicals then you would become immortal.
Who was the Greatest Mid Ev Scientist Frederick II
What did University mean in Mid Ages? A collection of Scholars.
What is Trivium the equivalent to today? A B.A.
What are the three things studied in order to receive a Trivium? Logic, Rhetoric (debate), and Latin Grammer
The Next defree is called Quadrivium it is equivalent to what today? a M.A.
What were the four areas st udied in order to receive your Quadrivium Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy
In order to reveive your doctorate you would have to write what? A dissertation
What is a dissertation? An in depth lengthy study on things no one has ever written about.
What is a Basilica? A form of a building, layed out in a form of a cross, usually used for gov't bldgs or anything else.
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