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Constitutional Con.

Constitutional Convention

When and where was the Constitutional Convention held? 1787 at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
What did the delegates initially wanted to do with the Articles of Confederation? Revise, but decided to replace it all together
Who was president of the Convention? George Washington
Who was the "Father of the Constitution"? Why was he named this? James Madison; studied ancient gov'ts (Roman republic, Greece's democracy, etc.), kept notes of meetings, and suggested many ideas that led to the formation of a strong national gov't
Who was Gouverneur Morris? Skillful writer that gave Constitution its final wording
What was Benjamin Franklin's role at the Convention? Helped ease tensions between delegates with his wisdom and humor
What was Alexander Hamilton's view on gov'ts? He believed in a strong national gov't that would have more power than state gov'ts
Who were the ambassadors that could not attend the Convention? John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
Who were the other acclaimed statesmen that did not attend the Convention, and why? Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry; both opposed a strong national gov't
What was the Great Compromise? Regulated representation in Congress; Senate gets two delegates from each state regardless of population; House is based on population
What was the Three-Fifth Compromise? Dealt with census count; every 5 slaves would count as 3 citizens
What was the 1st, 9th, and last states to ratify the Constitution? Delaware ("The First State"), New Hampshire, and Rhode Island
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