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Servidio SS Chap 10

Servidio Review for Chapter 10 MC/CR Test

Define Industrial Revolution The movement from handmade to machine made and animal to steam powered
Define textiles Clothing industry
Define spinning jenny Could spin several threads at once
Define factory system The combining of people and machines in one place
Define interchangeable parts The creation of identical parts used for replacement
Define urbanization The movement from farms to cities
Why were women and children used in factories? They were cheap labor
What were the attractions to the cities? Museums, Jobs, Circuses, Shopping
What were the hazards of the cities? Pollution, disease spread, garbage / sewage on the streets and muddy roads
Identify the three modes of transportation to the west Road, Steamboats and Canals
Define turnpike A toll road
Define toll A payment
Define corduroy roads Roads made of logs
Define canal An artificial channel used for connecting two bodies of water for transportation
Identify the location of the Erie Canal New York
Identify the four bodies of water the Erie Canal connects Great Lakes, Mohawk River, Hudson River, Atlantic Ocean
Define manifest destiny The desire to move west to the Pacific Ocean
Who was Samuel Slater? Slater lived in Britain and worked in their factories
How did Samuel Slater break British law? He memorized the plans for a factory system and sold it to the United States
Who was Francis Lowell? He created the Lowell mills and employed girls as the principle workers
Who was Eli Whitney? He created interchangeable parts
Who was Dewitt Clinton? He was the Governor of New York who created the Erie Canal
Define liberate To set free
Who was Jose de San Martin? He was a liberated Chile and Peru
Who was Simon Bolivar? He liberated Venezuela, Columbia, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Panama
Who was Toussaint L’Overture? He liberated Haiti (Santo Domingo)
Explain the Monroe Doctrine The United States would not get involved in the affairs of Europe and the Europeans would not interfere in the affairs of the United States and Latin America
Explain the Adams-Onis Treaty The United States bought Florida from Spain for $5 million dollars
Why did the United States not want Europeans in Latin America? To stop them from building colonies and taking United States land
Who was James Rumsey? He equipped a boat with a small steam engine
Who was John Fitch? He built a steamboat that navigated the Delaware River.
Who was Robert Fulton? He created a steamboat called the Clermont.
Who were unskilled workers? Workers that were easily replaceable, paid very little, who lacked a skill.
Who were skilled workers? Workers that were not easily replaceable, paid more money, who had a skill.
Define capitalism. An economic system of eh United States where individuals put money into a business hoping that it will be successful.
Define free enterprise system. An economic system of the United States where people are free to buy, sell, and produce whatever they want.
Created by: Suzanne Servidio