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Stack #59361

multinational corportation A large corporation that produces and sells its goods and services throughout the world.
primary scource An account of an event by someone who was present at the event.
pirvate sector the part of the economy that involves transactions of individuals and businesses.
public sector the part of the economy that involves the transactions of the government
racism the belief that memebers of one's own race are superior physically, mentally, culturally and morally to members of other races.
scarcity the lack of sufficient resources to produce all the goods and services that people desire
secondary source an account of an event by someone who was not present at the event
theocracy a system of government headed by one or more religious leaders who claim to rule by divine authority
initiative a petition process by which a certain percentage of voters can put a proposed constitiutional amendment or statue on the ballot for popular approval or rejection or submit a proposed statute to a legislative assembly for approval.
referendum the process in which a measure passed by a legislature is submitted to the voters for final approval or rejection
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