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Term 1- 3

what are the elements of water? they are insolation temperature humidity wind speed wind direction pressure and precipitation.
what is weather? weather describes the atmospheric conditions of the atmosphere at a given time and location.
what does climate refer to ? climate refers to the average pr typical weather conditions that characterize a broad area.
what is temperature temperature is the degree or intensity of heat of an object or entity.
what is maximum temperature? highest or hottest recorded temperature for a given period eg. daily monthly or anuallly.
what is minimum temperature? lowest or coldest temp recorded for a given period.
daily average temperature? the sum of the maximum and minimum temp for a given day divided by 2
temperature range ? the difference between the maximum and minimum temperature for a given period.
what is precipitation ? Precipitation is the moisture in the atmosphere which falls to the earth.
there are 3 types of rainfall the are ? conventional relief and frontal
what is conventional rainfall? the heating by insolation can cause rapid evaporatin which rises to the atmosphere this then causes clouds to be formed. when clouds become saturated with moisture they ""burst"" into rainfall.
what is frontal rainfall ? two air masses meeting, one air mass warm and a cold air mass.the higher less dense warm air is forced to rise over the dense cold air this causes the warm to cool and condense. warm air rises further and condensation to occur and rain is formed.
Where experiences frontal rainfall ? the united kingdom.
conventional rainfall occurs ? Trinidad Dominica and Barbados
how does wind blow ? wind blows in regions of high pressure to low pressure.
the percentage of moisture in the air? humidity
how does air temp affect humidity ? relative humidity compares the amount of water vapour in the air with the amount of water capour at saturation.
how is humidity measured? using a hypometer or a wet and dry bulb therometer.
what are the 3 weather systems affecting the caribbean ? hurricane, tropical waves cold fronts and i.t.c.z
what is the water cycle ? the interchange of water between the atmosphere , the land and the oceans.
what are the processes in the water cycle ? input transfer output and storage.
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