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Industrial Revolution

What was the Industrial Revolution? A gradual shift from farming to manufacturing in the United States. Machines replaced hand tools and new industries formed.
When did the Industrial Revolution hit the United States? The 1790s
What did the spinning jenny do? It was a machine that could spin several threads at once, which meant it could make clothes faster.
Why were interchangeable parts important? Broken parts could be replaced instantly with identical parts instead of replacing the whole thing. This was easier and less expensive.
Describe 3 things about working in a factory in the early 1800s. Small kids were working there. Long hours. Dangerous conditions.
What does the word textile mean? Any cloth or fabric.
What city became the center for the textile industry in the United States. New York City
Who invented the telegraph? Samuel Morse
How did the telegraph work? It sent electronic signals between cities.
Why was the invention of the telegraph so important? People could communicate between cities.
Who invented the mechanical sewing machine? Elias Howe
Why was the mechanical sewing machine so important? It made sewing faster, easier and cheaper.
Who invented the steel plow? John Deere
Whey was the steel plow so important? It was light weight and it made plowing faster.
Who invented the mechanical reaper? Cyrus McCormick
Why was the mechanical reaper so important? It was a horse drawn machine that mowed wheat and other grains much more quickly and easily. Helped harvest crops.
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What did the cotton gin do? It took the seeds out of the cotton and cleaned the cotton.
What happened to the South as a result of the cotton gin? The population grow and slaves increased.
List three improvements made in transportation in the early 1800s. Steam Transport (steam boat), Canal boom (built canals), better roads
Who invented the steam boat? Robert Fulton
Why was the steam boat so important? They could carry people and they gave farmers a cheaper way to move their goods.
What was the Erie Canal, and where did it run? A canal linked to the Great Lakes and the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers.
Why was the Erie Canal so important? Western farmers could move their goods east. Ports were formed along the canal, bring business there.
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