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Atticus Vocab. COS

Atticus of Rome Vocabulary

Vocabulary WordAnswer
Magistrate A judge
Regimen A schedule/routine
Adrocate Lawyer
Purqative Laxative
Clandestine Secret
Charisma An aura/feeling that draws people to someone
Strigil Scraping Stick
Promenade A walkway
Unuguents Ointment, oil
Entourage "posse," group of followers
Candor Truth
Clemency Mercy, forgiveness
Litter Chair carried by slaves to hold master
Rhetoric Public speaking
Ephemera By chance
Tutelage Under a tutor's instruction
Pigue Draw attention/intrust
Warren Rabbit's intersecting tunnels and exits
Fresco Painting on wet plaster
Coup Attempt to overthrow the government
Lamprey Fish with deadly bite and sharp teeth
Foie Gras Goose liverpate
Astentation Flamboyant, over-the-top
Echelon Level of society
Squab Quail
Amphora Large handled-jug for wine & liquids
Propitious Advantageous
Denarii Roman coins(gold/silver)
Paracide Murder of a parent
Veneer A thin surface layer
Flamboyant To show off
Delirium Confusion caused by fever, heat, etc.
Boziac Small open fire pit
Feign Fake attack
Mosaic Thousands of colored tiles that create a picture/act
Valet Male slave that helps his master get dressed
Adroit Skilled with their hands
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