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Stack #59098

bill of attainer legislative act that inflicts punishment upon a person or group w/o a judicial trial
coordinate one of set of numbers that determines the location of a point in a space
culture learned behavior of a group of people, which includes their belief systems & languages, their social relationships, their institutions and organizations, &their material goods such as food, clothing, buildings, tools and machines
cultural practice pattern of behavior accepted by society
cultural institution established custom, practice or reationship of importance in a society
demand quantities of a good or service that consumers are willing and able to buy at various prices during a given time period
marginal cost change in total cost resulting from an action
marginal benefit change in total benefit resulting from an action
nation group of people bound together by a strong sense of shared values & cultural characteristics, including language, religion, & common history
prejudice an adverse opinion or judgement formed beforehand or w/o full knowledge or complete examination of the facts; a preconceived idea or preference
Created by: mench