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Test Ch. 11

6th Grade Ancient History

Nomadic peoples who did not speak Latin or Greek and were considered primitive and crude by the Romans Barbarians
Former circus performer who became wife of Justinian and helped him have the courage to stay and fight the rioters Theodora
The Church of Holy Wisdom, the most important and most beautiful church in the empire Hagia Sophia
Hatred of sacred pitures and statues Iconoclasm
"The Body of Civil Law," a new, much shorter law code written by Tribonia Corpus Juris Civilis
The Greens and the Blues Sports clus in Constantinople
Holy war fought by Muslims in defense of their faith Jihad
Preserved the Byzantine Empire by reforming the army and making the roads safe for commerce Heraclius
Caused by angry Blues and Greens Nika Riots
Pictures made of small stones or pieces of glass set in mortar Mosaics
Why did the Blues and the Greens riot? They did not like high taxes
What was the hippodrome? A large open-air stadium
What is caesaropapism? A person's claiming to have authority over both the state and church
What was the black death? A horrible disease, also called the bubonic plague, that killed thousands of people in medieval Europe
What are icons? Sacred pictures of Jesus and the saints
Two missionaries, Cyril and Methodius, translated the Bible into Slavic, spreading he gospel through Eastern Europe True
Constantine built a new city where the old village of Byzantium had been and called it Istanbul False
Mercenaries were foreigners who were hired by the Byzantine Government and who fought for pay True
Caliphs led the Muslims after Muhammad's death True
The Meccans liked the new religion brought by Muhammad because it had only one god False
Allah's holy book Koran
The nationality of Muhammad Arab
The religion invented by Muhammad Islam
Book of laws that the Jews lived by Torah
Believers of Muhammad's religion Muslims
Created by: wnewton
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