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Kansas Chapter 6

Increased Settlement Phrase describing the time period in Kansas after the Civil War where many immigrants came to Kansas in search of new settlements due to the fact that Kansas was now deemed livable and was connected by railroad
Homestead Act Law allowing immigrants to settle on 160 acres of unclaimed territory by paying $10 and improving the land over the course of 5 years
Tenant Farming Phrase describing a farmer who did not have enough money themselves to start a farm, instead they farmed another person's land for a small fee
Preemption Act Law allowing people who were presently squatting on unsettled land to buy the land from the government after 14 months for $1.25 per acre
Timber Culture Act Law allowing settlers to get up to 160 acres of land from the government if they were to plant a large number of trees on the claim
Public Auction Phrase describing the purchase of land from the government by the highest bidder
Land Surveys Phrase describing the act of dividing up the land through survey in order to establish the exact location of a specific piece of property
American Immigrants Phrase describing the majority of immigrants who came to Kansas in search of economic and social opportunities
Abbie Bright Woman who immigrated to Kansas on her own, typifying the common experience that many immigrants had when they came to settle in Kansas
Hardships on the Plains Phrase describing the difficulties that settlers experienced while settling in Kansas, including economic depressions, drought, blizzards, and grasshopper invasions
Adaptation to the Plains Phrase describing how people adjusted to life on the plains because of a lack of resources including using earth to build homes, use of alternative fuels, barb wire, rock for fence posts, digging of wells and the use of windmills to pump water
African American Immigrants Phrase describing freed slaves who faced discrimination and oppression in the South who moved to Kansas in search of prosperity and formed settlements across Kansas
Benjamin "Pap" Singleton Man who was a land speculator and promoter who encouraged a large number of African Americans to come to Kansas in order to improve their economic and social status
Exodusters Term referring to the second wave of African Americans who came to Kansas in search of prosperity but this group was quite poor and were not as successful
Foreign Immigrants Phrase describing the group of individuals who came to Kansas from other countries because of materials published promoting the settlement opportunities available and were pushed from their homelands due to economic, political or religious difficulties
German Immigrants Phrase describing the largest group of foreign immigrants to come to Kansas, coming for economic opportunities or political/religious beliefs
British Immigrants Phrase describing the second largest group of foreign immigrants to come to Kansas, coming because of expanding cities and the loss of farmland
Silkville Settlement of French settlers led by Ernest de Boissiere who founded a communal settlement making silk
Swedish Immigrants Phrase describing the third largest group of foreign immigrants, who came to Kansas because of famine and religious opportunities in Kansas
Other Immigrants Phrase describing the other foreign immigrants who came to Kansas in search of economic and social opportunities
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