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chpt 13 vocab

Jedediah Smith a mountain man who lead a expedition to find a route in the rocky mountains.
Mountain Man were fur traders and explorers.
Jim Beckwourth was a mountain man with Jedediah Smith.
Land Speculator People who bought large amounts of land. They divided the land up and sold peices of the land to people.
Santa Fe Trail was a trail from missouri to Santa fe.
Oregon Trail a trail that leads from independence, missouri to the oregon territory.
Mormon settled in Utah and were later day saints
Brigham young He moved the mormons to utah after the mormon lead Jedediah Smith
Stephan Austin took over his dads dream of starting a colony in Texas
Tejano are people of spanish heritage who called texas their home
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna the mexican president who arrested Austin
Sam Houston the only man at a meeting with any military experience who was placed as the commander of the texas army
William Travis was the leader of a small force at the alamo
Juan Seguin was a tejanos who led a band of 25 tejanos
Battle of the alamo was a fight that lasted for 12 days and 12 nights
Lone Star Republic was the nickname of texas when it was a independent nation
James K Polk was a democratic who was the first dark horse president
manifest destiny was Americas destiny to expand to the west
Zachary Taylor was stationed with troops on the northern bank of the rio grande.
Bear Flag Revolt mexiacans revolted aginst the commander of california and made a flag of a bear.
Winfield Scott he took the mexican apitol Mexico City
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in this treaty mexico recognized texas as part of the united states and the rio grande was the border between the two nations
Mexican Cession this area was givin to the united states, this area included land from california, nevada, utah, most of arizona.
forty-niner a person who went to california to find gold.
californio was a person of spanish heritage who lived in california
Mariano Vallejo was a californio who owned 250,000 acres of land
john Sutter got 50,000 acres of land in califorina
james Marshall founded gold on John sutter
California Gold Rush was a uprising of people heading west to california to find gold
Created by: mutantc
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