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nms question-answer

NMS QuestionNMS Answer
Bursitis px a pt can pinpoint in their shoulder
What are the rotator cuff mm. and what are their functions? SITS-supraspinatus (15-30 degree abd), infraspinatus (ext rot), teres minor (ext rot) and subcap (int rot)
Conditions of the foot causing burning px Morton's neuroma, Tarsal tunnel syndrome & B5 vitamin deficiency
Foot conditions cause non-burning px fascitis (morning), matatarsalgia & osteoarthritis
Where does AS start? SI joints
Where does AS go from SI joints? moves up into the constvertebral jts
Two conditions with cafe au lait spots fibrous dysplasia (ME) and neurofibromatosis (CA)
Ollier's ds is multiple [blank] enchondromas
What indicates a greater likelihood for malignancy w/ Ollier's ds the closer they occur to the spine the more likely they will become malignant
HME is made of a lot of [blank] osteochondroma tumors+
Tumors in HME grow out of the metaphysis as what type of lesions? sessile or pedunculated
MC benign growth of bone osteochondroma
MC bone tumor of hand enchondromas
Condition where the costal cartilage is inflamed and mimics a heart attack tietze's (costochondritis)
What ds is due to an interruption of the sympathetics to the face, causing anhydrosis, ptosis and miosis Horner's syndrome
Cord levels affected by cauda equina syndrome S2-S4
Condition of CN VIII causing tinnitus, vertigo & transient deafness Meniere's
Post-traumatic condition mimics Meniere's Barre Lieou's (vertebral buckling syndrome)
Festination shuffling, propulsion, mincing-Parkinson's
Motor ataxia staggering-cerebellum
Sensory ataxia slappage-posterior columns
Steppage foot drop, toe drag, foot slap-tib ant
Gluteus medius lurch lateral sway over the weight bearing leg
Gluteus maximus lurch AP sway (leans back during mid-stance)
Circumduction CVA, weak Quads (unilateral)
Waddling MD, clumsy and weak, toe walker
Scissors Cerebral palsy-adductor spasm (toe walker)
What is causalgia burning n. px
What type of px does a tumor cause? progressive, constant, nocturnal, deep & boring
Where does sclerotogenous px originate? in the bone
Type of px an ulcer produces? gnawing
Referred px is aka viscerogenic
Where can px in the shoulders be referred from? liver, GB or diaphragm
Px in the inferior scap is referred from where? GB
T10 is associated w/ referred px from the [blank] pancreas
Px in left shoulder is aka Kehr's sign
What condition does Kehr's sign indicate? spleen problem
What are the normal values for m. tests and DTRs? w/ m. testing, 5 is normal (full ROM against gravity w/ full resistance); w/ reflexes, 2 is normal (5 is sustained clonus, 4 is transient clonus & 3 is hyperreflexia)
What nn. are tested w/ corneal reflex? sensory of CNV & motor or CN VII
What does the pharyngeal reflex test? sensory of CN IX and motor of CN X
What does pharyngeal reflex test? sensory of CN IX and motor of CN X
What is tested by cremasteric reflex? sensory of femoral n., motor of genito-femoral n. (L1-L2)
What does the visceral ciliospinal reflex test? cervical sympathetics
What does the occulocardiac reflex test? cervical sympathetics
What does the occulocardiac reflex test? sensory of CN V & motor of CN X
What does carotid sinus reflex test? sensory of CN IX and motor of CN X
What does the direct pupillary reflex test? sensory of CN II and motor of CN III
What visceral reflexes test parasympathetics? occulocardiac, carotid sinus & direct
With a medial disc lesion, which way does the person lean? toward side of lesion; what about a posterior disc lesion? forward
Posterior disc lesions are aka subrhizal
Which way does someone lean with a lateral disc lesion? away from side of lesion
What CN is affected by Tic Douloureux CN V
Which CN is affected by Bell's palsy? CN VII
What n. is affected with cubital tunnel syndrome? ulnar n.
What tunnel is affected in cubital tunnel syndrome? tunnel of Guyon
Peripheral n. entrapment of the [blank] n. causes wrist drop. radial
PNE of the [blank] causes ape hand. median
PNE of the [blank] causes claw hand. ulnar
Morton's neuroma is a result of PNE of the [blank] n. tibial
What type of tumor creates an onion skin appearance? Ewing's
Most common benign bone tumor of the hand? Enchondroma (Ollier's)
M/C benign bone tumor of the spine? hemangioma
What is the m/c benign bone tumor of the body? osteochondroma (HME)
m/c primary malignancy of the body? brnochogenic carcinoma
Most common malignancy of the body? METS
M/C primary malignancy of bone in an adult? MM
M/C malignancy of bone mets
M/C primary malignancy in a child? osteosarcoma
Name some diaphyseal tumors Ewings (kids) & MM (adults)
Two epiphyseal tumors Ewings (kids) and MM (adults)
Name some epiphyseal tumors chondroblastoma (kids) & giant cell (adults)
Layers of bone going from outside in? epiphysis, physis, metaphysis, diaphysis, & bone marrow
What imaging is best for viewing soft tissue (esp nn.) MRI
What does T1 pick up? fat
What does T2 pick up? water
What imaging is best for seeing hard tissues and uses Hounsfield units? CAT scan
Scintigraphy is better known as bone scan
What imaging is best to dx MM cold bone scan
What is assoc w/ an UMNL spastic paralysis, inc DTRs, pathological reflexes present, clonus & superficial reflexes absent or dec bilaterally
What is associated w/ LMNL flaccid paralysis, dec DTRs, atrophy, fasciculations & superficial reflexes absent or dec unilaterally
Some examples of UMNLs CVA, tumor, ALS & MS
Examples of LMNLs polio, MS, ALS, PNE, subluxation & disc herniation
Two types of MD Duchenne's (young boys, sex linked) and facioscapulohumeral (adults)
What is seen w/ Duchenne's MD weak mm., difficulty walking (waddling), albuminuria, creatinuria, Gower's sign, fatal by 20y/o, lumbar hyperlordosis, scoliosis
What is seen w/ facioscapulohumeral md winging scapula & foot drop
A fluid filled cavitation that expands and puts pressure on the lat spinothalamic tract usually syringomyelia
Where does syringomyelia usually occur? cervical spine
Effects of syringomyelia px and temp, loss in a bilat. shawl-like distribution
What causes descending paralysis, diplopia & requires intermittent naps Myasthenia gravis, 3Ds, slurred speech
What disorder causes demyelination of the cord? MS
What disorder causes demyelination of the cord? MS
What type of tremors are seen w/ this disorder? intention
What is Charcot's triad? SIN (speech, intention tremor and nystagmus)
What condition has charcot's triad? MS
What condition affects older males, is terminal in 5 yrs & starts in intrinsic hand mm. ALS
How is ALS both an upper & lower MNL UMNL in lower ext and LMNL in upper ext
Brown-Sequard syndrome hemisection of the spinal cord w/ ipsilateral loss of motor & paresthesia, contralateral loss of px & temp
Guillain Barre rapidly ascending paralysis that causes peripheral weakness
Parkinsonism caused by basal ganlia lesion that results in resting tremor, blank stare & festinating gait
Cerebral palsy non-progressive motor disorder that occurs at birth d/t anoxi
What type of gait is seen w/ cerebral palsy? scissors
What ds is characterized by calf weakness & sensory loss Charcot Marie tooth (peroneal ds)
Sclerosis of ear chronic otitis media
What tract is in charge of light touch? lat spinothalamic tract
How long do cluster HA last? one hour
Toxic HA hang over last long time
What are the parts to the IVF disc, pedicle, articular facets
bitemporal hemianopsia pit gland tumor
Lesion at upper L quad umbilicus deviates R lower quad
Action of occiput on atlas flexion or nodding
What is Eisenstein's line measures spinal canal (12mm is normal)
MG spastic mm. and easy fatigue worse at end of day
Genu recurvatum d/t quadriceps
Greatest loss in proprioception akinesthesia (no mvmt feeling)
apraxia dec ability to do simple acts
agnosia loss of ability to know familiar objects
If eye can NOT go inf and medial lesion of CN4
Inc serum alkaline phosphatase, inc hat size? osteitis deformans (paget's)
Innervation of TMJ CN V mm. of mastication
m/c avulsion head of rectus femoris
What sensory loss would pt have if weber lateralizes to L ear and Rinne's test shows air is better than bone on the L pt would have R neurosensory loss
demyelination in MS plaquing of spinal cord
Notch teeth Hutchinson's triad, congenital syphillis
Sx of deep vn thrombosis calf and edema
Sx of diabetes arterial problem, expressed bilaterally
Function of corticospinal and corticobulbar motor
spinothalamic tract function px, temp, light touch
what aggravates trigger pts cold draft
Charcot's joint no px or symptoms in jt
m/c sprain of ankle plantar flex and inversion (ant talofibular)
pt's eye drifts lateral lesion of CN3
Duchenne's MS recessive sex linked carried by mother, occurs betw 3-7 yoa
Restricted m. test differeniate betw tendinitis and bursitis
Fixed dilated pupils involves what CN? lesion of CN3
Ophthalmoplegia HA diplopia
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