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Avis Latin America

Latin America from Conquest to the Cuban Revolution

What Latin America independence leader is known as the "Father of Mexico?" Miguel Hidalgo
What was Mexico's cry for freedom? The Cry of Delores
What Latin America independence leader is known as the George Washington of South America?" Simon Bolivar
How many countries in South America did Simon Bolivar help liberate? at least 5
What Latin American country was Jose de San Martin born in that he lead to liberation? Argentina
Chile and Peru were liberated by what Latin American independence leader? Jose de San Martin
What did Toussaint L'Ouverture help to accomplish in 1793? the abolition of slavery in Haiti
When did Haiti become an independent country? 1804
Who was Montezuma II? Emperor of the Aztec empire
Who was the conquistador who defeated the Aztec? Hernan Cortes
What were the two main diseases Europeans brought with them to the Americas? measles and smallpox
What method of transportation did Cortes' men have that helped them defeat the Aztec? horses
What Incan emperor did Pizarro and his followers defeat? Atahualpa
What did the Aztec make out of the cacao bean? a bitter drink
To the Aztec what were cacao beans or chocolate more valuable than? gold
How many pounds of chocolate does the average person eat per year? 12 pounds
What U.S. state is the only one to grup cacao beans? Hawaii
What did Cuba gave the U.S. permission to build in Guantanamo Bay in the Platt Agreement of 1901? a naval base
Who took over the Cuban government and proclaimed himself prime minister on March 11, 1952? Fulgencio Batista
Who overthrew Batista in 1959 and became the prime minister of Cuba on February 16? Fidel Castro
What nation did Castro eventually sign a trade deal with in 1960? Soviet Union
What did Cuba allow the Soviet Union to install on their island? ballistic missiles
What are ballistic missiles able to carry? nuclear war heads
In 1976, what new document made Castro the president of Cuba? constitution
Created by: debieann85
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