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fit for life

Stack #58819

Alcohol abuse accounts for _deaths per year in the US 85,000
Smoking causes _ % of deaths from cancer 30
Ther pecentage of lung cancer cases attributed to smoking is 87%
Tobacco use causes _ deaths per year in the US 435,000
Approximately _ deaths each year are attributed to alcholol abuse 17,000
Smoking causes _ deaths worldwide each year 5 million
The average life expectancy for a chronic smoker is about _ years shorter 15 years
Smokers have _ times greater risk for cancer than non-smokers 20
More than _ people 12 and older use alcohol 120 million
_ is a disease in which an individual loses control over drinking alcoholic beverages Alcoholism
_ is the most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the US Chlamydia
_ is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a viral infection Genital Warts
Each year, one million women develop _ a disease of the upper genital tract Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
Approximately _ new cases of gonorrhea are seen each year in the US 650,000
One of the oldest STDs known is _ Syphilis
_ is most commonly caused by Type II of the HSV virus Genital herpes
People that are diagnosed with AIDS after contracting HIV have a T-cell count of 200 or less, or are suffering from a(n) _ infection opportunistic
HIV can be transmitted through vaginal fluid, semen, blood, and _ breast milk
_ is the leader in teen pregnancies among industrialized nations, America
_ % of teenage girls experience pregnancy sometime in thier teenage years 43
The desire and will to do something is motivation
The stage of change in which people are unwiling to change behavior si Precontemplation stage
The stage of change in which people are considering changing behavior in the next 6 months Adoption
People with _ locus of control are generally healthier internal
Slipping or falling back into _ _ would be considered relapse unhealthy behavior
Actions that help you achieve change behavior is _ _ _ Process of change
The ultimate aim toward which effort is directed is a/an goal
Steps required to reach a goal is/are objectives
the first step in a behavior modification program is _-_ consciousness-raising
Name 4 of the 6 stages of change Precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action
Breast cancer occurs more frequently in Caucasian Females
Prostate cancer is difficult to detect because The causes are unknown
What is the daily consumption of fiber for men and women 38g, 25g
What is not associated with obese cancers liver
cigarette smokers are at a _ times or greater riks for lung cancer 20
individuals with the greatest risk for skin cancer are those with light complexion, those who easliy burn easily, and natural blondes
What is not a type of skin cancer carotenoid melanoma
Other factors that may lead to cancer don't include drinking in moderation
The process of cancer begins with the alteration of DNA
Cancer will develop in one of every _ men 2
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