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social studies

imperialism when a country dominates another country ex. Africa & Great Britian
colonialism settleing there ex. Great Britian & US
puppet government when imperialists appoint officials and give them power, but the imperialists make the decisions but make it look like the officials do ex. Italy & Libya
colonists people from an imperialist country who live in a colony ex. Puritans & New England
indigenous something or someone native to the land ex. Native Americans
industrialization from agriculture to factories, people less self-sufficient
Racism discrimination of someone because of color or race
Manifest destiny It is the U.S.'s destiny to keep moving west White man's burden
Social Darwinism Herbert Spencer's application of "Survival of the fittest"
White Man's Burden Rudyard Kipling phrase to convey a chirstian duty to civilize the world
Martial Law When military takes control & rights are gone. (Curfews) ex. Egypt w/ Mubarack
missionary a person trying to convert indigenous people of foreign land
Nationalism a feeling of strong emotional support for one's own country/culture ex. september 11
Sovereignty the right of a people or country to rule themselves ex. electing presidents
Annexation a government takes political control of a country/territory ex. Germany & Poland in WWII
Self-determination when a country/ culture can determin its own future
Tariffs taxes placed on imported goods ex. extra money to import goes to US
Step 1 Contact arrival, friendly
Step 2 Conflict competition, natives put up resistance
Step 3 Accommodation natives lose conflct, they must adapt
Step 4 Assimilation natives redused, colonists become dominant group
Created by: haileyfern