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Timeline of Significant Events in the Rule of Augustus

Augustus is born 63 BCE
Caesar adopts Augustus, Caesar is assassinated 44 BCE
Octavian allied with the Senate against Antony, Battle of Mutina, Augustus 1st consulship, Formation of 2nd triumvirate, Proscriptions 43 BCE
Battle of Philippi 42 BCE
Perusian War 41-40 BCE
Treaty of Brundisium 40 BCE
Treaty of Misenum 39 BCE
Marriage of Octavia and Augustus 38 BCE
Defeat of Sextus Pompey, Lepidus disgraced, Antony loses to the Parthians 36 BCE
Donations of Alexandria 34 BCE
Antony divorces Octavia 32 BCE
Battle of Actium 31 BCE
Suicides of Antony and Cleopatra 30 BCE
Octavians return to Rome and Triple Triumph 29 BCE
Octavians 1st revision of the Senate 28 BCE
1st Settlement of Principate 28-27 BCE
Augustus in Spain... 26-24 BCE
Marriage of Julia and Marcellus 25 BCE
Marcus Primus Episode 24/23 BCE
Caepio and Murena conspiracy, Augustus falls ill, 2nd Settlement of Principate, Death of Marcellus 23 BCE
Augustus in the East 22-19 BCE
Marriage of Julia and Agrippa 21 BCE
2nd revision of the Senate Social Legislation 18 BCE
Adoption of Gaius and Lucius, Centennial Games (Ludi Saeculares) 17 BCE
Augustus in Gaul... 16-13 BCE
Death of Agrippa, Augustus becomes Pontifex Maximus (high priest) after Lepidus'death 12 BCE
Marriage of Julia and Tiberius 11 BCE
Death of Drusus (Son of Livia) 9 BCE
Death of Maecenas 8 BCE
Tiberius campaigns in Germany 8-7 BCE
Tiberius receives tribunician power, retirement of Tiberius to Rhodes 6 BCE
Gaius named "Prince of the Youth" 5 BCE
Augustus named "Father of the Country" (pater patriae), exile of Julia 2 BCE
Death of Lucius, Tiberius returns to Rome 2 CE
Death of Gaius, Adoption of Tiberius and Agrippa Posthumus 4 CE
Creation of military tresury 6 CE
Defeat of Quintilius Varus 9 CE
Tiberius made co-regent¿ 13 CE
Death of Augustus, Accession of Tiberius, Murder of Agrippa 14 CE
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