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Name a result of the invention of the printing press It helped spread the protestant reformation
What was the name of one of the first documents to help protect the rights of free individuals? Magna Carta
What were trade networks in Africa built around? gold, ivory, salt, and slaves
What were Mayflower Compact and the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut examples of? self-government documents written by Americans before the Revolution
What motivated the Dutch to come to America? Interest in trade and good land
What was the first law of Parliament that directly taxed the colonists, not just trade goods? Stamp Act
What Asian goods were most valued by Europeans? silk and spices
What was the function of Captain John Smith in the Virginia Colony? to provide strong leadership
Parliament passed a series of laws in 1774 in repsonse to the Boston Tea Party, what were these laws called? The Intolerable Acts
What were the Colonial wars of the late 1600s ane the 1700s a result of? France and England's desire to dominate Europe and North America
What was one important advantage that the colonists had over the British? A strong belief in the cause for which they fought
During the Columbian Exchange, what harmful effects did the Old World introduce to the New World? diseases such as small pox, measles, and malaria
What best describes the triangular trade route? It went from the colonies to the West Indies to Britain
What was England's motive for founding the Roanoke Colony? It was an attempt to gain a strong foothold in the New World
What did supporters of the Constitution call themselves? Federalists
How did the Three-Fifths Compromise solve the problem of how slaves would be counted? The slaves counted as a part of each state's population when allotting representatives.
Which of the following best describes the Articles of Confederation? They created a central government with limited powers, more power to states, and no president
What are the features of a bicameral legislature? A law-making body made up of two houses, or groups
What is the sharing of governmental power between an central authority and the states or provinces that make up a country? Federalism
What did the Federalists argue for? A STRONG Constitution, and for ratification of the Constitution
Which of the following is a government in which representatives are elected by the people? a republic
Name an American model for representative government. The New England town meeting and the Virginia House of Burgesses
What is an indentured servant? Colonists who agreed to work from 4-7 years for those who paid for their fare to America
What is a favorable balance of trade? Having fewer imports than exports
What system prevents any branch of government from becoming too powerful? checks and balances
What are the features of the Virginia colony's government? A two house government
How did England attempt to strengthen its claim to North America in the late 1500s? by sending expeditions to start colonies
What region is the best described as a harsh climate with rocky soil? The New England colonies
What was Parliament's right to tax all paper items, such as legal documents and newspapers called? The Stamp Act
Why did the French establish colonies in the northern part of North America in the early 1600s? The explorations of Cartier and Champlain had given France a claim to much of present day eastern Canada
What actions best describe what colonists called the Boston Massacre? British soldiers fired into a civilian crowd, resulting in several deaths
What was the rebirth of European interests in the arts and learning of ancient Greece and Rome known as? Renaissance
Where did the Renaissance begin in the mid-1300s? Italy
Why were overland routes to Asia less reliable by 1400? Political changes in Asia and an increasing threat of bandit raids made the Silk Road too difficult
How did England attempt to stengthen its claim to North America in the late 1500s? Sending expeditions to start colonies
What obstructed the growth and success of the Virginia colony most until the 1670s? Disease and high death rates
When did the Virginia colony begin to thrive economically? When John Rolfe introduced West Indian tobacco in 1612
How was the year 1607 related to Jamestown? It is when the first colonists arrived from England
Whose ideas was the slogan, "No Taxation without Representation," based on? Samuel Adams and James Otis
How are cotton and tobacco related to the Southern colonies? They were primary cash crops
How are rich fishing waters and abundant timber related to New England? It made fishihng and shipbuilding the leading industries in New England
Where did slavery exist by 1700 in the American colonies? In ALL colonies
What had already happened when King GeorgeIII rejected the July 5, 1775, Olive Branch Petition? General Washington was already gathering troops for the Continental Army
What effect did the English defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 have on European exploration? With Spain's navy weakened, other countries began to challenge their power.
What was the primary economic activity of the Paleo-Indians who first migrated into North America? hunter-gatherers
In 1607, the colony of Jamestown was founded by settlers from what country? England
Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
The original draft of the Declaration of Independence included a passage condemning the slave trade. Why was the passage removed? The Southern delegates objected to it.
Where can the political ideas and philosophies of John Locke best be found? In the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by those who wanted to create a new government in America.
Where was the colonists' ability to withstand an assault by the British army proven? At the Battle of Bunker Hill
What established the national borders of the US? The Treaty of Paris 1783
What best describes the Revolutionary War during the winter of 1777-78? More than one-fifth of Washington's troops died of disease and malnutrition at Valley Forge
How did Washington and 2,400 Patriot soldiers surprise the enemy at Trenton on December 25, 1776? By crossing the Delaware River at night
Benjamin Franklin wrote his thoughts while negotiating the Treaty of Paris 1783, what was his point of view? That we should forgive and forget and each country pursue its own interests
What are life appointments to the federal court system meant to ensure? That judges make their decisions free from the influence of a particular political party.
What was the original purpose of the 1787 Constitutional Convention? To discuss revising the Articles of Confederation.
Which branch is responsible for enforcing the laws approved by Congress? Executive branch
Who makes up the President's cabinet? The Vice President and heads of the 15 executive departments
What best describes the national government created under the Articles of Confederation? A confederation Congress with one vote for each state.
What was the first colonial legislature formed in the colonies? The Virginia House of Burgesses, established in Jamestown in 1619
What event brought on the rallying cry of the American people, "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute." The XYZ Affair
Who supported LOOSE construction, meaning that the federal government can take actions that the Constitution does NOT specifically forbid? Alexander Hamilton
Who supported STRICT construction, meaning that the federal government should do only what the Constitution says it can do? Thomas Jefferson
Why did delegates from the smaller states strongly object to the Virginia Plan? Because small states would have very few representatives in Congress while large states would have many.
The Neutrality Proclamation allowed the US to remain neutral to which countries? To all nations at war in Europe
Why was the election of 1800 important? It weakened the Federalist Party and strengthened the Republican Party.
What powers are retained by the state governments or by citizens? Reserved powers
How did the decline in the number of indentured servants, in Virginia, affect many farmers? They preferred enslaved African laborers to indentured servants, who had to be set free at the end of their contracts,
What conflict resulted from the British assuming that the Treaty of Paris 1763 granted them American Indian lands in former French North American territory? Pontiac's War
What was the goal of the first colonists to arrive in Jamestown? They were adventurers who first searched for gold then started a settlement
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