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11 Guide

What made possible the American industrial growth of the late 1800s? technological advances
What actions by the govrnment contributed to the building of the Transcontinental Railroad? Awarding loans and land grants to private companies to build the railroad.
What did critics call powerful industrialists during the late 1800s? robber barons
How did industrial growth affect the distribution of wealth in the US? Wealth was concentrated in the hands of a few industrialists
What revolutionized American communications in the late 1800s? The telegraph and telephone
What was the goal of the Sherman Antitrust Act? To promote fair industrial competition
In the West, what was the result of the combination of big business and new agricultural techniques? Bonanza farms
What was a major result of both immigration and the increased productivity of factory jobs in the late 1800s? The rapid expansion of urban areas
As women began to make their way into professional jobs, what fields were open to them? education, healthcare, and social work
What event halted Progressivism? WWI
Upton Sinclair's 1906 novel entitled -The Jungle- exposed dangerous workplace conditions in what area? The meatpacking industry
What did the Muckrakers write about? Exposing political and business corruption
What did the efforts of Florence Kelley convince many state to abolish? child labor
What did Progressives agree that the government should do? Protect workers and help the poor.
What was a major economic argument for imperialism? The US markets needed new markets for its goods.
What was the central message of the Roosevelt Corollary? The US would use force to prevent intervention in the affairs of neighboring countries
What did the US gain as a result of the Spanish-American War? The Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico became US territories.
What event sparked WWI? The assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Francis Ferdinand
What was a major factor in the US entering WWI? Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare
What was the purpose of the convoy system? To transport troops safely across the Atlantic.
What was true of African American soldiers during WWI? They were segregated and rarely allowed to fight
What role did the federal government play in the economy during WWI? The government regulated the production of war goods.
Even though they were relatively few in number, what did flappers represent in the 1920s? Women's desire to break with the past.
Wht was one result of Prohibition during the 1920s? The rise in organized crime
Who was the first woman to swim across the English Channel? Gertrude Ederle
Who brought Jazz to northern cities? Southern African Americans
What did Marcus Garvey urge African Americans to do? Return to Africa
What legal right was at issue in the Scopes trial? The right to teach evolution in schools.
What was the cause of the Red Scare? The Russian Revolution
What American views were reflected by practices such as buying on margin? The "get rich-quick" attitude
What group suffered despite the prosperity of the 1920s? farmers and factory workers
What happened when the Dow Jones Industrial Average began to drop sharply in late October 1929? Investors raced to get their money out of the stock market
What major environmental crisis occurred during the 1930s? The Dust Bowl
How were African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans affected during the Great Depression? They often lost jobs to white laborers
Uneven prosperity, personal debt, and overproduction were all warning signs of an unsound economy. What was another danger sign? Stock market speculation
In 1933, what did the twenty-first amendment end? Prohibition
What was one effect of the wage cuts and unemployment of the 1930s? Hoovervilles sprang up in the nation's cities
What contributed to Franklin Roosevelt's victory in the 1932 presidential election? A New Deal for Americans
What characterizes Roosevelt's first hundred days in office? He pushed Congress to pass legislation to improve the economy.
By 1910, why were nearly 60% of American children in school? Many states required school attendance by law.
Who did the American Federation of Labor organize? skilled workers
How did President Taft continue Theodore Roosevelt's progressive programs? By continuing to bring antitrust cases to court
What best describes the lifestyle of homesteaders? Homesteaders often had to struggle - even for the necessities.
What role did the federal government play in the economy during WWI? The government regulated the production of war goods.
What was the Great Migration? The movement of African Americans to northern cities
Even though relatively few in number, what did flappers represent? Women's desire to break with the past.
How did life change for American women in the 1920s? Women's fashions
Why did some states ban the teaching of evolution in the schools? The theory seemed to contradict the Bible's account of creation.
What did the growth of radio and other mass media in the 1920s produce? A national culture
What did people listen to in the popular Harlem clubs in New York City? Jazz
What reflected the new morals and manners of the 1920s? Women's fashions
Who were the main targets of the Ku Klux Klan's terror? African Americans, Catholics, Jews, and immigrants
What did the fundamentalists believe, in addition to supporting traditional Christian ideas? A literal, strict, interpretation of the Bible
What generally marked the economy of the Roaring 1920s? Rising stock prices with buying on the margin
What was one sign that the economy might be weakening in the 1920s? Uneven distribution of national wealth
What best describes the American economy in the 1920s? Stock prices rose and the economy appeared healthy
What was a sign of an unsound economy during the 1920s? More goods were being produced than consumers could buy.
During the Depression of the 1930s, what did many African Americans experience? Worsening conditions and discrimination in job and relief programs.
Not long after Black Tuesday, who did the stock market crash affect? Millions of Americans, many of whom had never owned stocks.
What year did WWI begin? 1914
What did Republican presidents in the 1920s generally favor? Business
Who was the photographer who showed the nation the desperation and bravery of families during the Great Depression? Dorothea Lange
What was the effect of the collapse of the American economic system during the 1930s? It led to a worldwide depression.
Which Franklin Roosevelt program was designed to help farmers? Agriclultural Adjustment Act (AAA)
What was the Second New Deal? It was legislation aimed at helping ordinary Americans.
What became the federal government's responsibility as a result of the Social Security Act? The welfare of the needy elderly, poor, and handicapped.
What portrayed Franklin Roosevelt as trying to dominate the Judicial Branch of government? His attempt to "pack" the Supreme Court.
Who developed a program called "Share-Our-Wealth"? Huey P. Long of Louisiana
What describes unions during the New Deal? They were legalized and grew stronger
What was the Supreme Court's decision in the case of - Plessy v. Ferguson - ? It established the "separate-but-equal" doctrine, upholding segregation
How did John D. Rockefeller gain control over much of the oil industry? by managing a trust made up of Standard Oil and allied companies.
Why were industrialists during the age of big business called "captains of industry"? They increased the supply of goods and created many new jobs.
Why did children often work in factories during the late 1800s? because families neended the income to survive
What did the "yellow dog contracts" specify? that workers would not join labor unions
What did nineteenth-century supporters of assimilation attempt to teach Native American children? American ways
How did the governemnt respond to the Pullman Strike? by using federal troops to control the workers.
What attracted meny Asians to the US in the late 1800s? jobs with American railroad companies
How did Andrew Carnegie gain control of the steel industry? by practicing vertical consolidation
What was the purpose of the Ghost Dance movement? to return to a traditional way of life
What marked an end of the wars between the federal government and the Plains Indians? the Massacre at Wounded Knee
What is true of the Gentlemen's Agreement? It decreased Japanese immigration
What describes urban areas by the early 1900s? slums and tenements
What was the main objective of teh nativists? to restrict immigration
What was one reason the US became more urban during the late 1800s? Farm machines and factory-made goods reduced the need for farm labor.
Where were most immigrants coming from during the 1890s? southern and eastern European countries
What was one requirement that applicants had to meet to receive land under the Homestead Act> to encourage white families to develop the West
After the Dawes Act, what goals did white reformers set for Native Americans? Native Americans should become farmers and adopt white culture
According to the theory of Social Darwinism, what was the role of governemnt in economic matter? to stay out of the affairs of business
fIn the Turner Thesis, whatwas Frederick Jackson Turner's opinion of the frontier? It helped create the strong, individualistic American spirit.
What was the result of farm mechanization? an incerase in farm production
What happened at the Massacre at Wounded Knee? American soldiers killed more than 200 unarmed Sioux
WHy did African AMerican Exodusters migrate west? to escape racial violence in the South
What was the purpose of the Interstate Commerce Act? to regulate railroad
Who gave the "Cross of Gold" speech? William Jennings Bryan
What did the Populists support? A progressive income tax
What was a major eomplaint of farmers in the late 1800s? railroad tariffs
What was the emphasis of the Cross of Gold speech? a plea for silver
What led to government regulation of businesses during the Gilded Age? unfair business practices
Who was teh politicat cartoonist that exposed the corruption of "Boss" Tweed? Thomas Nast
What was the main goal of the social gospel and settlement movements? to improve living conditions for the poor.
Why was the Pendleton Civil Service Act passed? to end the spoils system
Why did political machines gain power in the late 1800s? because they provided jobs and other help for immigrants.
What was Tammany Hall? Teh New York City political machine
Why did Jane Addams open the Hull House? to assist the urban poor
Why did parents pressure local governments to reform public schools? to extend their children's basic knowledge beyond the basic skills
According to Prohibition groups, what was linked to drinking? lower public morals
What was the purpose of the Niagara Movement? to grant full civil liberities for African Americans
How were African Americans discriminated against after Reconstruction? by using poll taxes and literacy tests
What was the fee that some Southern states demanded before a person could vote? a poll tax
Who was the noted African American scientist and agricultural researcher that worked at Tuskegee Institute? George Washington Carver
What did Booker T. Washington think a student's main focus in school should be? economic security
Jim Crow laws were instituted in the South after the Civil War. What was the effect of these laws? it restricted the rights of African Americans
What did W.E.B. Du Bois encourage studnets to seek in school? a liberal arts education
What did Theodore Roosevelt vigorously enforce? The Sherman Antitrust Act
Who formed the Bull Moose Party when he could not run on the Republican ticket? Theodore Roosevelt
Why was the NAACP founded? to fight discrimination through the courts
What was one reason Woodrow Wilson won the presidential election of 1912? There was a split in the Republican vote
What does the Seventeenth Amendment allow? the direct election of US senators
Who was Madam C. J. Walker? a properous African American owner of a mail-order business
WHat was the goal of the Chinese revolutionaries during the Boxer Rebellion? to remove foreign influence from China
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