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empresario a person who sold land and build settlements
What goods did the Natives make in the workshops? Pottery, baskets and tools
Matin and Patricia De Leon Founded only colony in Texas entirely Mexican settlers
Conquistador spanish word for conqueror
LaSalle claimed land for... France
Erasmo Sequin Postmaster in Sanantonio
Why did the spanish build missions? To have a strong claim on land
Stephen Auston was Father if Texas
Lorenzo de Zavala helped write the T. Constitution
Cabeza de Vaca captured by indians
who was the 1st conquistador Hernando Cortez
Mission a religious settlements that taught religion
villa a town around the mission
presidio a fort
Columbus wanted to cross the atlantic find a quicker way to Asia
padre A priest in charge of the mission
Mexican law of April 6 No slaves in Texas; and stopping Texas from forming their own government
Convention in San Felipe become a seperate mexican state; US citizens immigrate to Texas again
Empresarios helped texas brought settlers; new government; founded towns and settlements
Rulers of spain wanted to explore riches; relegion and land
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