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Ch. 14 Study Guide

Social Studies

French painters, such as Manet and Cezanne developed which artistic style in the 1800's? Impressionism
The House of Lords and the House of Commons make up which lawmaking body? Parliament
In which economic system does the government control some businesses and industries? Socialism
Which trade union won power from the communist government in Poland? Solidarity
Which Solidarity leader became President of Poland in 1990 Lech Walesa
Which agreement established the Northern Ireland Assembly in 1998? Good Friday Accord
What group fought the Germans secretly in France during WWII? French Resistance
Which French general during WWII later became President of France? Charles De Gaulle
Who set up economic goals in order to modernize France after WWII? Jean Monnet
What does Sweden call its parliament Riksdag
Name three German Composers: Ludwig von Beethoven Johann Sebastian Bach Richard Wanger
Why is trade so important to the United Kingdom? They have few resources, so they have to import raw materials.
Give three goals of Solidarity: Improved work conditions and pay Free elections End to Communist rule
What is the subject of much Polish Literature? The struggle for independence
What is true of most of the population of Sweden? Most who live there are Swedish Natives
What feeling existed between East and West Germans after Germany was reunited? There was tension between East and West Germans
What has been Sweden's position during wars? Armed neutrality
What are people called who openly disagree with government policies dissidents
In Sweden, which appointed government officials protect citizens' rights? ombudsmen
When writers are not allowed to publish their works, what is this called? censorship
What environmental problem affects Sweden and many other parts of the world? Acid Rain
What was one event that led to the reunification of Germany? The collapse of the Berlin Wall
What type of government is found in both Sweden and Great Britain? Consitutional Monarchy
What type of government is found in both Poland and France? Parliamentary Republic
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