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History 1300

Canadian History

What was the sentiment in Canada when the war turned to the allies favor? post war horror, left depression, end of wartime industry, period after WWI low eon growth.
Under what premise does WLMK come to power and stay in power after the war? maintain the economy by building peace time economy
What is WLMK's 1st act to create peace time economy? Asks for civil service to create an economic plan. 2 Plans debates WA Mackintosh (chosen) and Leonard Marsh.
Keynesian Economics govt intervention demand side economics, govt expenditure in tough economy, cut tax, give money, end irrational spending. Written in General Theory on employment interest theory and money.
John Maynard Keynes british economist born cambridge economist father, reformer mother millionaire through stock market work foreign office in India then CS says treaty of versaille would militarize Germany
When is the Keynesian Period in Canada 1939-1971
Who was Leonard Marsh write Report on Social security McGill U sociologist dollar a year man (work cs not overseas) work wartime dept labour
Report on Social Security reconstruction doctrine, left-leaning keynesian, pessimistic cover all areas social security, industry constricting once soldiers came home, govt needs policy to benefit soldiers (EI, health care), report had no plan for growth, no way to build economy
WA Mackintosh dollar a year man @ Queens attended harvard, work wartime dept of finance w/ Arthur Plumtree and R.B. Bryce wrote WHITE PAPER ON EMPLOYMENT AND INCOME (1945)
White Paper on Employment and Income 1)canada too reliant on foreign markets 2) can work @ home to maintain prosperity stimulate aggregate demand, change production to spending consumer spend 2/3 all spending people psychological & material reason to spend
What were the three things WA mackintosh did to get canadians to spend? 3 things to get CA to buy a)cut tax B) cash in bonds C)family allowance
What was Family Allowance 1st universal social welfare measure in CA based not on region/income but by having kids. Govt gives away over 15 million dollars and causes re-elect liberals
What were the payments for family allowance kid under 5-$5/month 6-9-$6/month 10-12-7.month 13-15 got 8 $/month
Election of 1945 WLMK get minority govt with 118 seats (sig because wartime-peacetime govt) conservative party change to PC elect man of west John bracken to power (manitoba premier) move PC to left of center. CCF only gets 28 seats. Start of political dynasty
Economic Boom 1945-1957 one prosperous periods in CA hist (Laurier western settlement other). Liberalizing markets, demand management policies econ growth of 9.5 %, ex auto industry growth and TV
Television spending on large consumer goods 10 inch screen black and white large % of income coming together because of television change church and ed sulivan show
baby Boom grew out of econ prosperity and high birth rate, more poeple born in hospitals, generation drives many movments and has great power (over 5 million people)
#births/1000 overtime Gdepression 20/1birth/1000 1959 87.2 1963 28.5
Created by: MightyMouseD
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