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World Records

Horse World Records

The Tallest Horse Samson, born in 1846, stood 21.2 1/2 hands high and weighed 3,360 pounds! A hand is equal to four inches, so that's 7.2 feet high at the withers! Imagine trying to ride a horse THAT big!
The Smallest Horse His name was Little Pumpkin, and he was only 14 inches tall at the withers, and weighed just 20 pounds! He was born April 15, 1973.
The Oldest Horse Old Billy (fitting name!) lived to be 62 years old. That's ancient! He was born in 1760 and died in 1822, and lived in England.
The Oldest Pony Sugarpuff, a pony that lived in England, lived to be 56 years old. He was a Shetland x Exmoor gelding and he was put down due to health problems. He was seal brown in color.
The Highest Jump Huaso could have easily jumped over the biggest horse in the world! He is the world record holder, jumping 2.47 meters, or 8 feet, 2 inches! He was a Thoroughbred born in Chile and was ridden by Captain Alberton Larraguibel Morales.
The Longest Jump A horse named "Something" jumped an amazing 27 feet, 6.75 inches over water! He was ridden by Andre Ferreira in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1975
The most Expensive Horse The Green Monkey, a Thoroughbred racehorse, was purchased for $16 million... he was later retired from racing when he was raced 3 times and placed third once.
The Most Races ever Won Kingston, a Thoroughbred, ran 138 races and won 89 of them.
The Fastest Horses Quarter Horses are said to be able to sprint at almost 50 miles per hour! Thoroughbreds race longer distances, and often win races going 35-40 miles per hour!
The Greatest Load ever Pulled A Shire horse named Vulcan pulled an incredible 29 tons, when he was measured in 1924 with a "dynamometer", an instrument used to measure power. Two Shire horses then pulled the max that registered on the dynamometer-- over 50 tons!
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