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6SS South America

South America-Chapters 27, 28 & 30 (Kossler)

Who were the earliest and most advanced civilization from Central America and Mexico? Mayas
What were the ancient people of the Andes called? Incas
What were the ancient people of Mexico called? Aztecs
What are the 2 most common languages in South America? Spanish and Portuguese
Where did the European people who settled Brazil come from? Portugal
Who did the rich people mostly descend from? European settlers
Who did the poor people mostly descend from? native Indians
What are people who descended from both Europeans and Indians called? mestizos
What are the people of mixed European and African descent called? mulattos
What descent is the highest social group of people? European
How were the Inca able to have time to create works of art while surviving in their difficult environment? they learned how to farm
Why did the Indians that live in the rain forests in the North and the cold land of the South not develop a complicated culture like the Incas did? their food comes from hunting and fishing
What was the southern part of South America known for? raising cattle
What were the cowboys who work in the southern part of South America called? gauchos
What has dominated South American cultural life since the Conquistadors came? the Catholic Church
What three main sources does music, literature and art of South America come from? European, Native American and African
What was the only way the new South American farms and mines could make money? to make slaves out of the Indians and bring slaves from Africa to work on them
Why did the islands in the Galapagos devlop unique forms of life? they were isolated from the other animals on the mainland
What did the South American Indians learn to create farmland in the mountains? terraced fields
What country is the Amazon River located in? Brazil
Created by: ndmsteach