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Servidio SS Chap 9

Servidio Review for Chapter 9 MC/CR Test

Democratic Ensuring that all people have the same rights
Laissez-faire The government should play a small role in the economy
Precedent A decision or tradition passed down from a past President
Neutrality Not choosing a side
New Orleans A city located in Louisiana at the mouth of the Mississippi River
Treaty of Ghent The treaty that ended the War of 1812
Judicial Review The Supreme Court has the right to say whether laws passed are constitutional
Expedition A journey
Impressment The taking of sailors and making them work in your navy
Sectionalism A deep pride in your state or region
Nationalism A deep pride in your country
Embargo Act The United States refuses to import or export trading goods with any country
Thomas Jefferson The Third President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson’s Political Party Republican
Napoleon Bona parte The leader of France
Toussaint L’Overture A Haitian slave that led the independence movement against the French
Lewis and Clark Sent by Thomas Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase
Monroe and Livingston Sent by Thomas Jefferson to France to purchase Louisiana Territory
Sacajawea A Shoshone woman who helped guide Lewis and Clark west
Henry Clay Wanted to go to war with Britain in the War of 1812
War Hawks People who have war fever and want to go to war
Andrew Jackson The military leader at the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812
Neutrality Proclamation A policy created by George Washington that stated the US would not choose sides between Britain and France
Nonintercourse Act The United States imports and exports goods to every country except Britain and France
Louisiana Purchase An area of land bought by Thomas Jefferson for fifteen million dollars
Revolt in Haiti Ended Napoleon’s dreams of an empire in the Americas
Haiti’s cash crop Sugar plantations
Marbury verses Madison Established the principle of judicial review
Was the Louisiana Purchase constitutional? Yes, a President can make a treaty
What type of interpretation of the Constitution did Thomas Jefferson use to purchase Louisiana? Loose
What happened to the United States’ economy because of the Embargo Act? It decreased
What happened to the United States’ economy because of the Nonintercourse Act? It increased
What happened to the United States’ economy because of the war between Britain and France? It increased
Which two countries fought in the War of 1812? Britain versus United States
What was the nickname of the War of 1812? The Second American Revolution
What were the four causes of the War of 1812? Impressment of sailor, taking of cargo, giving Native American guns, and wanting Canadian land
What were four developments during the War of 1812? The capital was burnt, naval warfare, Francis Scott Key wrote a poem and saved a prisoner, and the USS Constitution defeats the Guirerre
Who won the War of 1812? The United States
What lesson did the US learn from the war of 1812? Need better communication systems
What event happens after the War of 1812? Industrial Revolution
What were four results of the War of 1812? The White House is painted white, the national anthem is crease, Battle of New Orleans occurs after the treaty was signed and Andrew Jackson becomes a war hero
Created by: Suzanne Servidio