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Texas History

Test 2

Mexico's Constitution of 1824
Coahuila y Tejas one of united mexican states established under 1824 const. later became state of texas
Jose Antonio Navarro had similiar visions of future of texas as Austin did
Erasmo Seguin welcomed austins efforts and gave guidence and council. wished to build on mutual interest the economic development and political stability
Juan N. Seguin welcomed austins efforts and gave guidence and council. wished to build on mutual interest the economic development and political stability
Stephen f. Austin Austin devised a plan for land grants
Green De Witt north of leon in 1825, former missouri sheriff with help from austin was awarded a grant bordering austins area to locate 400 families
Martin De Leon member of aristocratic mexican family petitioned spanish gov for land below austins and in 1824 won contract to locate 40 families
Manuel Mier Y Teran served in 1st mexican congress
Law f April 6, 1830 a centralist decree that attempted to restrict and control American immigration into TX.
Sam Houston smart politician, tried for annex of texas but Pres Jackson refuses to go along
Era Of the Republic of Texas
Lorenzo De Zavala served under Burnet as Vice president of republic of texas
Mirabeau B. Lamar replaced houston as president in 1838
Chief Bowles one of leaders of cherokee hostile to the USA
Santa Fe Expedition supported by Lamar- total failure
Mier Expedition in late nov 1842 700 men marched south under Somervell and seized Laredo. on dec 23 led by Fisher 300 men crossed rio grande into mier and demanded supplies then retreated across the river to wait for the goods. mexican military arrived. 17th bean shot
Agrarian Texas 1840s-65, people lived on land, work on land, lot of workers to plant pick and transport
Planter Class most important. dominant socially, economically, politically
Merchant Class played important role
Yeoman Farmers anglo farmers- no slaves, worked own farm
Slaves in Texas made up about 30% of TX population
European immigrants to Texas, Germans, Czechs, Polish, Mexican
Prince Carl Von Solms-Braunfels founding of German Colony
Henri Castro founding of Castroville by people from Alsace-Lorraine
Tejano Rancheros and others in workforce many tejanos come during Civil war bc of need for more workers in growth of ranching
Tejano Society, marriage, remarriage, adoptions fairly stable society, (father, brother,mother) many families had extended family live with them and servants. many didnt marry family was very important expected to marry and remarriage was allowed if someone died. adoption usually by family or neighbor
Oblates or OMI missionary Priests came from France in 1849. called "cavalry on the cross". worked stretched from Galv to SA to brownsville. important group of educators provided catholic schools
Ursuline sisters group of missionary nuns stayed in boarding schools
Melinda Rankin set up churches and schools, wrote two books, raised money in northern states to convert to protestant most didnt though
Annexation of Texas in 1845 also led to war with mexico
Manifest destiny used to justify war with mexico and was belief that anglos should spread across north america
War with Mexico 1846-48 Polk sent Gen Taylor in 1846 ordered troops in lower valley. vote to go to war. sent more force into mexico city. to end war negotitate with treaty of Guadalupe
Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo 1. established US/Meixco boundary at Rio Grande 2. set rights to property of mexicans would be protected 3. mexicans now part of US have 1 yr to decide citizenship 4.
Land grant adjudication in s. tx Tx took control after realizing the issue of validity of land titles in the Trans-Nueces was a problem. those involved included racheros, anglo and european newcomers
Bourland Miller commission feb 8 1850 , William bourland and James Miller named commissioners and Robert rivers served as attorney. the claims to spanish and mx land grants were required to submit full descriptions evidence given to gov who then gave to legislation
Separatists or territorialists , merchants, lawyers, politicians, adventurers mexican rancheros-- a movement emerged in lower valley to create a rio grande territory separate from Texas. despite two petitions failed!
Tx as a southern state, souther political ethos
Texas in confederacy
Albert Sidney Johnson a veteran of the Texas revolution and the Mexican war who assumed command of the western department of the confederacy but died leading troops at battle of shiloh in 1862.
Confederate cotton trade between 200 and 300 thousand things of cotton taken and exported
Matamoros port used by yrurria bc he was born there
Bagdad contributed to tx phase on civil war small port used by confederate
Santos Benavides high ranking tejano confederate commander
Charles Stillmen founding Brownsville, entrepeneaur
Richard King transport company with stillmen and kenedy gained monopoly over river trade
Mifflin Kenedy involved in transport company with stillmen
Francisco Yturria born in mexico could register boats under mexico for king and kennedy
Jose San roman most important merchant for a while , richest man in valley
Felix Von Blucher university of germany left in 1849
Maria Von Blucher wife from frontier tx that writes letters home to germany during civil war describing homelife, prices high no veggies
John S. Ford also known as red ford middle name Salmon nickname RIP was tx ranger, indian fighter, journalist . red beats union month after war over.
Sul Ross most popular texas ranger and military hero
Cart War of 1857 tejano haulers faced the threat of theft, destruction of their carts, and physical attacks by anglo. shot at by anglo
Juan N. Cortina 1859 Cortina was eldest hair of econd family of Cavazos. family held legal title grant to area of brownsville. fought appropriation of his land and mexican texans . shot marshall returned took over town then retreated enemy of stillmen
Reconstruction in Texas how to bring southern states back to union
Freedman's Bureau help former slaves make the transition into citizenship. ensuring same protection, help set up schools
Union League formed during the war as a means of pledging continuing fidelity to the U.S. also a unionist organization effective in involving african americans to politics
Edmund J. Davis only republican gov. in tx until 1980's radical republicanish
Constitution of 1869 softened restrictions against former confederates political participation and affirmed voting rights irrespective of race color or former condition. its centralized vision of gov most important aspect. gave great powers to the gov.
Redeemer are democrates that redeem gov and take it back by democrats
New south southern bus. leaders people with money, become like north, industrialize, commerical , move forward with lower taxes and wages
Richard Coke democrat candidate a waco lawyer, confederate veteran and district and state judge under presidential reconstruction. took office from davis
Constitution of 1876 called for economy and limited power in state government, especially governors office. gov exp would be kept low terms of office shortened. lower tax rates. approved feb 15
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