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en Linea 2.0 Ch2b

Verbos, Preposiciones, Los días de la semana

Bailar to dance
Buscar to look for
Cominar to walk
Canter to sing
Comprar to buy
Contestar to answer
Conversar to converse; to chat
Desayunar to have breakfast
Descansar to rest
desear to wish; to desire
dibujar to draw
enseñar to teach
escuchar la radio/música to listen (to) the radio/music
esperar ( + inf.) to wait (for); to hope
estar to be
estudiar to study
explicar to explain
hablar to talk; to speak
llegar to arrive
llevar to carry
mirar to look; to watch
necesitar ( + inf.) to need
practicar to practice
preguntar to ask (a question)
preparar to prepare
regresar to return
terminar to end; to finish
tomar to take; to drink
trabajar to work
viajar to travel
al lado de next to; beside
a la derecha de to the right of
a la izquierda de to the left of
en in; on
cerca de near
con with
debajo de below; under
delante de in front of
detrás de behind
encima de on top of
entre between; among
lejos de far from
sin without
sobre on; over
¿Cuándo? When?
¿Qué día es hoy? What day is it?
Hoy es… Today is…
la semana week
lunes Monday
martes Tuesday
miércoles Wednesday
jueves Thursday
viernes Friday
sábado Saturday
domingo Sunday
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