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WW2 Review

air battle over London - Germans bombed for 70 days - Hitler should have bombed Britain air field, but hit the city of London instead. HITLER'S MISTAKE Battle of Britain
Great evacuation of allied troops from France - HITLER'S MISTAKE Dunkirk
Huge Allied invasion of France - Fake troops dropped large front. Millions killed - OPERATION BARBAROSSA - HITLER MISTAKE Russian Front
Germans Blitzkrieg takes over Poland very fast - beginning of WW2 Invasion of Poland
sneak attack by Japanese - many signs - ignored - Japanese did not finish us off because some carriers were out to sea. Pearl Harbor
atomic bomb dropped on both cities - Hiroshima and Nagasaki -
Last major offensive by the German army, which failed. Attacks came from all around, which looked like a bulging belly. Battle of the Bulge
Point where the Germans thought the allied forces would come across. Used Hollywood to build fake army to fake out Germans. Calais
Hitler's obsession with taking this city allowed the Russians to encircle the German army and turned the tide of the war vs Germany. Stalingrad
US forces jumping from island to island pushing back the Japanese - Iwo Jima, Siapan, etc Island Hopping
bomb Japan directly from this Island. The picture Bird showed you is from the top of this Mountain Iwo Jima
Pilots bombed Tokyo shortly after Pearl Harbor Doolittle Raids
Leader of the Nazi Army Adolf Elizabeth Hitler
Leader of the SS and concentration camps Himmler
also called the desert fox - Hitler's best general - helped fortify beaches along French coast General Rommel
leader of the German Luftwaffe (air force) Goering
fascist dictator of Japan Tojo
soviet Union's leader during ww2 Stalin
became president after FDR died - made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan Truman
fascist dictator of Spain - country stayed neutral during war Franco
Prime minister of Britain during ww2 Winston Churchill
President of the US during ww2 - died in office FDR
believed Hitler when they signed the MUNICH PACT - Hitler promised not to invade any more nations or territories Chamberlain
overall commander of allied forces for the d-day invasion - later on became president General Eisenhower
He said :America is awoken like a sleeping tiger after the Pearl harbor Admiral Yamamoto
US general who fled the Philippines, but vowed he would return, which he did General MaCarthur
head physicist who led the US team that developed the atomic bomb Openhiemer
secret weapon used by Germany to fire rockets on allied forces and Great Britain V-2 rocket
selling of weapons and materials to France and Great Britain before we entered the war Lend lease
Japanese suicide planes used near the end of the war. BANZAI Kamikaze
your name Alexa
favorite teacher Bird
Yalta meeting betwen Churchill, Stalin, and FDR decide the future of Europe
Secret Program that developed the atomic bomb by team of the coolest people around - physicsits Manhattan Project
breeding program to make perfect Nazis Lebensborn
outlawed boy scouts - replaced with this Hitler yout corp
Created by: Mr_Bird