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history 1

Who created interchangeable parts and why were they created? Eli Whitney; for mass production (muskets)
what is mass production? the production of goods in large quantities
where did the industrial revolution start? great britain
why is samuel slater important to the industrial revolution in america? memorized the plans and brought them back to the us
how was farming in the north different from farming in the south? north-> grew grains, didnt NEED slaves south-> grew cotton and tobacco, NEEDED slaves
who promoted the american system? henry clay
why was the tariff of 1816 so hayed in the south? prices rose (had to pay more for goods)
what was the erie canal and the national road? erie canal-> man-made "ditch" river, connected NY to the atlantic ocean national road-> went from maryland to illinois
explain the decision in GIBBONS VS. OGDEN? proved the government had control of anything crossing the state line
what happened in MCULLOCH VS. MARYLAND? maryland put a tax on the national bank, supreme court denied that a state had a right to tax fedral governmaent, declared the national bank constitutional
what is nationalism? national unity should be placed before regional concerns
what was the importance of the adams-onis treaty? spain gave florida to the us
what did the monroe doctine say to the countries of europe? "stay away from the western hemisphere!!"
what were the 3 parts of the missouri compromise? 1. maine admitted as free state 2. missouri slave state 3. divided country at 36-30 line
how did the cotton gin impact the slave population in the south? it increased the number of slaves greatly
what were the 3 main parts of the american system? 1. establishing a protective tariff 2. creating a national bank 3. develop a transportation system
who thought of the missouri compromise? henry clay
how did the candidates in the election of 1824 show how bad sectionalism was becoming? no one had a majority vote (different part of the country for each candidate)
who received the most popular votes in the election of 1824? who won? andrew jackson, john adams
explain how adams won instead of jackson.? no majority vote, got thrown to the house of representatives
what was the kitchen cabinet? jacksons friends that were appointed as advisors
what is the spoils system? when incoming officials throw out former appointees and replace them with their own friends
why did jackson create the indian removal act? didnt believe in assimilation, thought it was the only way to end fighting
what was the indian journey to the new lands of oklahoma called? trail of tears
what were pet banks? banks that jackson put money into so he could kill the BUS
what was the name of the political party that was created to oppose andrew jackson? whigs
who created the whigs party? henry clay and daniel webster
what is specie and why did it cause the panic of 1837? gold and silver, government said people could only purchase land with specie
what was william henry harrisons campaign slogan? tippeconoe and tyler too
what happened to harrison once he took office? he died of pneumonia