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Dr. O Test 3 Chapter 12

Algae Contain chlorophyll, found in fresh and saltwater, both uni- and multicellular, do not directly cause human disease, red algae (seaweed)=agar
Gynodinium breve Produces breve toxin, hand and feet tingling, hot and cold feeling reversal (Dinoflagellates-red tides)
Gonyaulax Produces neurotoxin (saxiton and gonyautoxins), from shellfish who feed on dinoflagellates, causes paralytic shelfish poisoning (cooking does not kill toxins)
Arthropods act as... vectors for disease
Fleas carry... plague
Mosquitos carry... malaria
Lice carry... trench fever, epidemic typhus, relapsing fever
Ticks carry... Rocky Mountain spotted fever, lyme disease
Mites carry... scabies
Dust mites are responsible for... allergies and asthma
Created by: reeseochoa