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Micro Fungi

Dr. O Test 3 Chapter 12

Fungi Ubiquitous, chemoheterotrophic, chitin cell walls, grow in high concentrations of sugar, salt, and acids, moist environments, optimal-20 to 30 C and ph 5.0 and lower
Saprophytes Digest dead organic matter
Parasites Digest tissues from other living organic matter
Facultative parasites Digest both living and dead organic matter
Deuteromycota Imperfect Fungi, no sexual stage, includes penicilin
Yeast Single celled
Mold Multicellular, single filament known as hyphae, collection of hyphae known as mycelium
Dimorphic Either yeast cells or mycelia depending on environment (temp), disease causing fungi are mainly this
Mycoses Fungal diseases aka allergic reactions, long term=farmer's lung
Fungal toxin Poisonous rye smut=Ergot, can be used to control uterine bleeding, assist in child birth, and relieve migraines
Carcinogenic toxin Arpergillus produces aflatoxin which is present in moldy food (grains/peanuts), associated with liver cancer
Histoplamosis Spelunker's disease, agent=Histoplama capsulatum
Coccidioidomyscosis Valley fever, agent=Coccoidioides immitis
Other human fungal disease Ring worm and athlete's foot
Candida albicans Causes candidiasis, oral thrush=cracks in corners of mouth and white patchs on lips, tongue, palate, and inside cheeks, vulvovaginitis=thick, white cheesy discharge, pruritis
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