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Mycology Test 2

What are the six types of human mycoses yeast, superficial, cutaneous, subcutaneous, systemic, and oportunistic
What do superficial mycoses normally affect epidermis or hair
What is the difference between a superficial mycoses and cutaneous mycoses? Superficial has no host response, where as a Cutaneous has a host response
What is the name for colonies on the hair shaft that kind of look like the nits of head lice? Piedra
What does piedra mean stone
What does tinea nigra usally affect palms of hands
What does white piedra normally affect hair
What kind of mold is white piedra hyaline mold
what kind of mold is black piedra demateacious-or pigmented
What does black piedra affect hair
What does pityriasis versicolor normally affect epidermis of torso
What is the etiological agent of pityriasis versicolor Malassezia furfur
Pityriasis versicolor is known to be lipid loving. What is another name for lipid loving Lipophilic
Where does Pityriasis versicolor come from Normal flora-endogenous source
Is pityriasis versicolor communicable No
What is unique about pityriasis versicolor lessions they fluoresce under a wood's lamp (360 nm)
What is another name for pityriasis versicolor folliculitis
What does versicolor mean multicolored
What does furfur mean furfuratious-or flaky
This mycoses is characterized by variously pigmented, patchy, mascular lesions, usually upper torso, abdomen, upper arms, shoulders, and neck Pityriasis Versicolor
What is the etiological agent of pityriasis Versicolor malassezia Furfur
What does malassezia furfur cause pityriasis versicolor
Is pityriasis versicolor inflammatory? No
How can pityriasis versicolor be diagnosed skin scraping then KOH mount
What would one see on a KOH mount of pityriasis versicolor small hyphae, yeast, that kind of looks like spaghetti and meatballs
What is another name for cutaneous mycoses dermatomycoses
Tinea normally refers to what dermatocytes
What is the street name for several tinea ringworm
What is the etiological agent of a cutaneous mycoses affecting just the skin and hair microsporum
What does keratinophilic mean loves keratin
What are sources of keratin in the body skin hair and nails
What is the etiological agent of a cutaneous mycoses affecting just the skin and nails epidermophyton
what is the etiological agent of a cutaneous mycoses affecting skin, hair, and nails trichophyton
what doe cutaneous mycoses normally affect skin, hair, nails
What can you expect to see with a cutaneous skin mycoses variable clinical picture, slow development
What can you expect to see with a cutaneous hair mycoses endothrix and ectothrix, easily broken off
What does endothrix mean inside the follicle
What does exothrix mean outside of the follicle
What can you expect to see with a cutaneous nail mycoses discolored and misshapped nails
What does tinea capitis affect/mean head and scalp
What does tinea corporus affect/mean body, usually chest and upper arms
what does tinea cruris affect groin
what does tinea pedis affect feet
what does tinea magnum affect hands
what does tinea unguium affect nails
What is another name for a fungal infection of the nails onychomycosis
What does tinea mean dermatophyte
Dermatophytes are normally indicate cutaneous mycoses
What will you see with a direct examination of a dermatomycoses KOH-septate hyphae
What kind of culture media can be used to culture dermatomycoses routine fungal media, DTM (dermatophyte test medium)
What is the therapy for dermatomycoses topical antifunglas or griseofulvin (oral)
What is fulvicin normally used for dermatophytes
what is another name for griseofulvin fulvicin
What indicator is found in DTM phenole red
Why does the phenol red indicator in DTM turn red when identifying dermatophytes dermatophytes produce bases
DTM is used as what a presumptive id of dermatophytes
When culturing a dermatophyte what should you always do with the plate turn it over and look at the mycelium
Lamacil is used to treat what nail infections
How long is it suggested to use lamisil 6-8 weeks
what is an adverse side effect of lamacil liver damage
this ddermatophyte has macroconidium fusiform, rugged exterior, and may have microconidium Microsporum
This dermatophyte has no microconidium, and clubshaped macroconidium epidermaphyon
this is the most common cause of nail infections trichophyton
What is the invitro hair perforation test used for identification of trichophyton
trichophyton rubrum is ure 0
trichophyton mentagrophytes is ure+
What is the common name of sporotrichosis horticulturists or rose gardener's disease
Who is normally at risk for sporotrichosis farmers, laborers, gardeners, and horticulturalist
what the etiological agen of sporotrichosis sporothrix schenckii
Where can you find the saprobic form of sporothrix schenckii soil, plants, moist wood
sporothrix schenckii is what kind of fungi dimorphic
What are two disease states of sporotrichosis lymphocutaneous and pulmonary
What is the mean by lymphocutaneous subcutaneous nodules which disseminate alon lymphatic dranage
What is meant by pulmonary when in reference to sporotrichosis chronic cavtary with lymphodenopathy
What form does sporotrichosis take in vivo yeast
What will you see on a KOH of a sphorothrix schenkii culture daisy clusters and as it ages microconidium every
What are two treatment options of lymphocutaneous due to sporotrichosis DOC (itraconizole) or potassium iodide
What is another name for Itraconizole sporonox
What is the treatment for a pulmonary sporotrichosis infection lobectomy, amphotericin B
Ampnotericin B is used for systemic, last ditch antifungal
In mexico this infection broke out after a brick fight, as well as in african gold miens due to timbers used in the minds sporotrichosis
What is another name for mycetoma maduromycosis
What does tumefaction mean swelling
what kind of infection would you expect to see chronic, suppurative, granulomatous infection with tumefaction, abscess formation and draining sinuses mycetoma/maduromycosis
How can one acquire mycetoma implantation of fungus into skin
where do lesions due to mycetoma normally occur feet, hands, shoulders, buttocks, back and scalp
What is a common name of mycetoma madurofoot
Where are mycetoma/maduromycosis found in the environment soil
where can maduromycosis disseminate to bones and bone marrow
what does mycetoma mean fungus tumor
where does maduromycosis most commonly infect the foot
What is the sinus discharge that exudates from a mycetoma contain granules that are microcolonies of etiological agent
Atenimycotic mycetoma is caused by bacteria
the true fungal agent for mycetoma/maduromycosis is eumycota mycetoma
What is the etiological agent of a bacterial mycetoma norcardia brazillences
Chronic granulomatous characterized by verrucous cutaneous nodules, ultimately forming papillomatous vegetations is characteristic of what mycoses chromoblastomycosis
Phialophora verrucosa, fonsecaea pedrosoi, fonsecaea compacta, and chlodosporium carrioni are all related to what mycoses chromoblastomycosis
How is chromoblastomycosis contracted implantation into skin
what does verruca mean wart
most chromoblastomycosis fungi are what type of pigment demateaceous
Where are chromoblastomycosis infections most common subtropical and tropical locales espeically in the americas
In vivo, what is brown rounded, thick walled septate cells 4-12 micrometers, aka sclerotic or medlar bodies characteristic of chromoblastomycosis
What mycoses is characterized by localized abscess or pyogranuloma, lack the intense hyperplasia seen in chromoblastomycosis Phaeohyphomycosis
How is phaeohyphomycosis contracted via implantationinto skin
What is the etiological agents for phaeohyphomycosis exophiala and phialophora
This type of fungi have colonies that are typically velvet in texture, low dense mycelium, and are often colored gray, dar olive, brown or black dematiaceous
Most systemic mycoses present as what kind of infection pulmonary infection
systemic mycoses are normally limited to a restricted geographic area
systemic mycoses can infect normal hosts
most systemic mycoses are what kind of fungi dimorphic
why do most systemic mycoses present as a pulmonary infection conidia is inhaled from the saprobic form
Are systemic mycoses communicable no
What is another name for north american blastomycosis gilchrist disease
what is the etiological agent for north american blastomycosis blastomyces dermatiditis
what is the etiological agent for gilchrist disease blastomyces dermatiditis
What is the saprobic form of blastomyces dermatiditis mould/microconidia
what is the parasitic form of blastomyces dermatiditis large yeast/broad basted blastoconidia
what does blastomyces dermatitiditis cause north american blastomycosis
This mycoses presents ad a pulmonary disease with fever, chills, productive cough, chest pain, hemoptysis, it disseminates to skin, subcutaneous, bone, kidneys and the central nervous system North american blastomycosis
What animals is blastomycosis common in dogs and beavers
An infection of in which in 25% of people yeast can be seen in urine is North American blastomycosis
What fungi is known to have large yeast with broad based blastoconidia, which can be diagnostic with a KOH mount blastomyces dermitiditis
A room temperature culture, yields a mould with microconidia borne singly on short conidiophores is indicative of blastomyces dermatitidis
What is another name for histoplasmosis darling's disease
What is the etiological agent for histoplasmosis histoplasma capsulatum var capsulatum
What is the etiological agen of darling's disease histoplasma capsulatum var capsulatum
What is seen in the saprobic form of histoplasmosis mould/microconidia and macroconidia
Where is histoplasmosis normally found birds (starlings) and bat guano
What is the parasitic form of histoplasmosis very small yeast
This mycoses presents as a pulmonary infection with a cough and dyspnea and as it disseminates it moves into the reticuloendothelial system, lymph nodes, bone marrow, liver, spleen rarely skin , bone, or central nervous system histoplasmosis
A patient presents with small intracellular yeast seen within leukocytes what etiological agent would you be thinking about histoplasma capsulatum
When was the last "outbreak" of histoplasmosis and under what circumstances 1978 hot springs arkansas during the renovation of a courthouse
A room temperature culture presents with a mould with microconidia and tuberculate macroconidia with thick wall and finger like projections what would you expect the etiological agent to be histoplasma capsulatum
What is double gel diffusion assa used for fungal antibody detection
what is another name for the double gel diffusion ouchterlony
When is the M band seen past, earlier or chronic infection
When is the h band seen during an active infection
where is the h band located nearest the patient serum
What is the etiological agent of african histoplasmosis histoplasma capsulatum var duboisii
What is the difference in african histoplasmosis and american the parasitic yeast in african histoplasmosis is broad isthmis to blastoconidia
Where does histoplasma capsulatum var duboisii normally occur tropical areas of africa
What is typically the course of african histoplasmosis progressive and fatal
What is the common name of african histoplasmosis dessert rheumatism
coccidioles immitis and coccidoides posadasii are the etiological agents of what mycoses coccidiodomycosis
What is another name for coccidiodoycosis valley fever
valley fever is clinically called what coccidiodomycosis
what are the etiological agents of valley fever coccidioides immitis and coccidioides posadasii
what is the saprobic form of coccidioidomycosis mould/arthroconidia
what is the parasitic form of coccidioidomycosis spherule/endospores
what mycoses presents as a pulmonary infection with fever, chest pain, and cough and then disseminates to skin and subcutaneous bone and joints, viscerol organs and central nervous system coccidioidmycoses
Which mycoses is the only notifiable in the USA coccidioidomycosis
Where do most cases of coccidioidomycosis occur in the US Arizona and California
Even though coccidioidomycosis does not form yeast in vivo it is still considered a dimorphic fungi
a room temperature culture produces barrel-shapped arthroconidia connected by thin walled segments what fungi are you looking at coccidioides immitis
in vivo you receive a tissue sample inwhich you see a spherule with endospores what are youw orking with coccidioides immitis
What can the exoantigen test be used for fungal identification
What is the clinical name for south american blastomycosis paracoccidioidomycosis
What is the etiological agent for south american blastomycosis paracoccidioides braziliensis
what mycoses presents with a pulmonary disease followed by lymphadenopathy, graulomas in skin and mucous membranes such as oral, nasal, and pharyngeal, papules which ulcerate, can be chronic and is often fatal paracoccidioidomycosis
paracoccidioide braziliensis is the etiological agent for what mycoses paracoccidioidomycosis
Where is paracoccidioidomycosis endemic brazil
the saprobic mould is non distinctive, however the parasitic yeast has multiple blastoconidia, kind of looking like a shipwheel what are you looking at paracoccidioidomycosis
What is the saprobic type of aspergilliosis aspergilloma or fungusball
what is the invasive type of aspergillosis acute or chronic pulmonary infection which may disseminate
mucormycosis demonstrates what type of infection acute, generalized infection with vascular thrombosis
geotrichosis demonstrates what kind of infection bronchitis
What kind of morphology would you expect to see with aspergillus species septate hyphae with acute angle branching
What are the most common general of the zygomycetes rhizopus, mucor, absidia, rhizomucor
What is the most common order in the zygomycetes that we deal with mucorales
What can be expected of a mucormycosis rhinocerebral mucormycosis
another name for mucormycosis zygomycosis
What are four basic characteristics of zygomycetes rapid growth, wide ribbon-like aseptate hyphae, sporangia with sporangiospores, and stolons with or without rhizoids
what is fusarium species notable for keratitis and cd destruction
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