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MLT Boards- Immunology

A hapten is A detereminant capable of stimulating an immune response only when bound to a carrier
Which of the following characteristics is not true foe B cells? A. Become memory cells B. contain surface immunoglobulins C. differentiate into plasma cells D. secrete the C5 component of complement D. secrete the C5 component of complement
A lymphokine is a soluble medioator produced by lymphocytes
Monocytes & macrophages play a major role in the mononuclear phagocytic system. For an antibody-coated antigen to be phagocytosed, what part of the antibody molecule fits into a recaptor on the phagocytic cell? Fc region
The DQ antigens in the HLA system are detected by mixed lymphocyte culture or the polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
The HLA complez is lacated primarily on Chromosome 6
HLA antigens are found on white blood cells only
Which of the following is more likely to be diagnostic of recent acute infection? antibody titer of 2 followed by one of 16 antibody titer of 80 antibody titer of 80 followed by one of 40 D.antibody titer of 80 that is IgG A. a total antibody titer of 2 followed by a titer of 16
a young woman shows increased susceptibility to pyogenic infections. Upon assay, she shows a low level of C3. What is probably true? She has an autoimmune disease with continual antigen-antibody activity causing comsumption of C3
What is the predominant type of antibody found in the serum of neonates born after full-term gestation? Matermal IgG
What type of cell predominates in the germinal centers of lymph nodes? B cells
The major class of immunoglobulin found in adult human serum is IgG
Which class of immunoglobulin possesses delta heavy chains? IgD
Which class of immunoglobulin possesses 10 antigenic binding sites? IgM
Which class of immunoglobulin binds to basophils & mast cells to mediate immediate hypersensitivity reactions? IgE
Which class of immunoglobulin has 4 subclasses? IgG
When performing the enzyme multiplies immumoassay technique (EMIT), how is the ligand in the patient's serum detected? Competes with wnzyme-labeles antigen for binding to a specific antibody
Adjuvants are added to vaccines to Increase the immune response
an example of immune injury dur to the deposition of antigen-antibody complexes is acute glomerulonephritis
The serologically detectable antibody produced in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is of the class IgM
In bone marrow transplantation, immunocompetent cells in the donor marrow may recognize antigens in the recipient and respond to those antigens. This phenomenon is an example of Graft-vs,-host-disease (GVHD)
The method used to determine MHC Class I compatibility between a domor and a recipient involves specific typing antibodies
arthus reactions are initiated by IgG antibody
In individuals allergic to bee benom, hyposensitization protocols may be initiated. These are designed to promote the formation of IgG
After exposure to antigen, the first antibodies that cam be detected belong to the class IgM
Corneal tissue may be transplanted successfully from one patient to another because the cornea occupies a privileged site not usually seen by the immune system
A kidney transplant from one identical twin to another is an example of an isograft
InBruton's disease, measurenent of serum immunoglsbulins would show the absence os all innmunglobulins
Antigenically isentical tumors produced in different aminals are most commonly produced by viruses
the lymphokine able to cause proliferation and differentiation of B cells is interleukin 4
Which cell is the principle source of interleukin 2 T cell
Diagnostic reagents useful for detecting antigen by the coagglutination may be prepared by binding antibody to killes staphylococcal cells via the Fc receptor of staphylococcal protein A. The class os antibody bound by this protein is IgG
A major advantage of passive immunization os opposed to active immunization is that antibody is available more quickly
The strengh with which a multivalent antibody binds a multivalent antigen is termed the avidity
How does the secondary immune response differ from the primary immune response? IgG is the predominant antibody classproduced in the secondary immune response. the antibody levelsproduced are higher in the secondary immune response. The lag phase is shorter in the secondary immune response
After activation of the complement system, leukocytes & macrophages are attractedto the site of complement activation by C5a
The type of immunity that follows the injection of an antigen is termed active
The type of immunity that follows the injection of antibodies synthesized by another individual or animal is termed passive
Male sterility may be caused by an autoantibodyagainst sperm cells. The body can make these antibodies because spermcell antigens develop after self-tolerance is induced
The antibody most frequently present in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is directed against nuclear antigen
the rapid plasma reagin (RPR) for syphilis does not meed to be read microscopically because tha antigen is complexed to charcoal
The Venereal Disease Research Laboratory (VDRL) test for syphillis is calssified as a(n) Flocculation reaction
One of the causes of a false-positive VDRL test is Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
Which of the following ions is mecessary in complemant fixation tests? Mg 2+
A cause of false-positive results in the rapid plasma reagin (RPR) test for syphilis is Infectious mononucleosis
IgM antibodies are known to react well in complement fixation (CF) tests. Because of this, CF tests for antibodies should be positive early in the course of the disease
What serologic test is commonly performed by an immunoflorescence method? Antinuclear antibody (ANA)
What will invalidate a test for antistreptolysis O (ASO) 50% lysis of the red cells in the hemolysin control
In the enzyme-linkes immunosorbent assay (ELISA) system, the visible reaction is due to a reaction between Enzyme and substrate
The commonly used specific diagnostic test for infection by the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the presence of anti-HCV antibody
For a substance to be immunogenic it must be recogonized as nonself
There is no bersa of Fabricius in humans. What is considered the site of B-cell differentiation in adult humans? Bone marrow
Which of the following statements about immunoglobulin light chains is true. a. each monomer has either 1 kappa or 1 lambda chain b. there are 2 types, kappa and lambda c. they consist of constant region only d.they form part of the Fc fragment b. there are 2 types, kappa and lambda
The Fc fragment of an immunoglobulin molecule is produced by.. the action of papain on a complete immunoglobulin molecule
Monoclonal antibodies are produced by Hybridomas
Monoclonial antibodies of the same clone are highly specific, produced by a malignant cell, and have the same idiotype
Skin testing is a usefull diagnostic tool in a number of disorders such as tuberculosis. What is true about skin testing? Sensitivity to a particular antigen may be transferred from one individual to another by sensitized lymphocytes
Large granular lymphocytes (LGL) is synonymous with Natural Killer cell
What has been identified as B cell surface markers? C3 receptor, Immunoglobulin, and MHC class II antigens
What are characteristics of T cells? Able to bind antigen, possess CD1 antigen, and protection against intracellular parasites
The mechanism responsible for pathology in autoimmune disease is circulating immune complexes
Whi complement protein is present in the greatest concentration in human serum? C3
Which class of antibody, referred to as incomplete, is able to aggultinate RBC's after antihuman globulin is added? IgG
Which of the following complement proteins is not part of the membrane attack complex? C4
What is characteristic of contact hypersensitivity reactions? usually due to hapten
B lymphocytes and T lynphocytes are derived from hematopoietic stem cells
Contact dermatitis is mediated by T lymphocytes
In the radioallergosorbent test (RAST) for the quantitation of IgE, what does a high count per minute (cpm) suggest? high concentration of IgE in patient's serum
Typically, with no antirejection treatment, that fate of an autograft is acceptance
An example of a minor histocompatibility antigen is the H-Y antigen
When an antigen and an antibody react, bonds are formed between the 2 molecules. these bonds may be hydrogen bonds
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