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study for conquista

studying for the conquistadors

What were the 4g's? gold, glory, god, and grades
Where did Columbus think he was? East Indies
Name the Fab-Five countries to explore america France, Portugal, England, Spain, Netherlands
Define the Columbian Exchange The exchange of resources, products and ideas from the "New world to the old world or the old world to the new world".
Who worked for Norway? Leif Erickson
Who was born in Portugal and worked for Spain? Ferdinand Magellan
This date was important to Columbus and now is or was a holiday October 12th 1992
Term used to define larger groups of native americans Tribes
Why did Cortes use Montezuma as a puppet and did not kill him when he had the chance to? so that the people wouldn't go against him and kill him and his men.
Where was john Cabot born and where did he worked for? He was born in Italy and worked for England.
Who was the first European explorer to sail the Grand Canyon? Francisco Vasquez De Coronado
Who claimed the North American coast for England? John Cabot
What did Ponce De Leon reach? Florida
what is the term to describe a small group native americans? Clan
How did horses change Native Americans? better transportation, faster hunting
What river valleys were homes to native Americans? Delaware, Hudson, Mississippi, Ohio river
What was the population of the native Americans before the Europeans arrived? 2-20 million
Who was the explorer who went on a trip to go around the world and died on the trip? Ferdinand Magellan
Who was the first European to see the mississippi river? Hernando De Soto
Who conquered the Inca? Francisco Pizarro
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