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chapter 8

chapter 8 unit 2

the ancient egyptian pharaoh king tuts tomb was discovered in 1922.
ancient egypt and it rulers ancient egypt had three periods called old, middle,and new kingdom. old kingdom lasted from 2700 to 2200 bce. middle kingdom lasted fom 2000 to 1800bce. new kingdom lasted from 1600 from 1100 bce.
pharaoh khufu:the pyrimid builder khufu ruled from 2551 to 2528 bce during the old kingdom. he established the pharaoh as the strong central authonty and built the great pyramid.
pharaoh senusret I:patron of the arts ruled from 1971-1926 bce during the middle kingdom.sinusretI encouraged the arts to flourish. his architectral acheivment was the whit chapel.
pharaoh hatshepsut: promoter of egyptian trade she ruled from 1473-1458 bce duing the new kingdom.nshe promoted trade and was the first female pharaoh. her famous architechture was the great temple.
pharaoh ramsesII:military leader and master builder ruled from 1224-1290 during the new kingdom. his accomlishments was a master builder, military leader,had 100 wives. famous architecture was the temple complex
chapter summery the next chapter is going to be about the rest of egypts people and what daily life was like in the new kingdom.
Created by: alikat