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Test Ch.10

6th Ancient History Ch.10 Test

A dynasty is a line of kings and rulers who belong to the same family True
Ikebana was a form of Japanese poetry consisting of three lines divided according to syllables False
Shintoism is the main religion of Japan True
The Gupta reigned during India's golden age True
Mt. Fuji is located in India False
The best examples of Gupta paintings are in the caves at Ajanta India
Society consisted of clans, or groups of people claiming a common ancestor Japan
The Tang and Song dynasties ruled six hundred years during the golden age China
The people of the court emphasized etiquette and composure Japan
Block printing enabled the earliest book, the Diamond Sutra, to be printed China
People enjoyed the fable "Sinbad the Sailor." India
A Hindu boy, upon returning a certain age, went to live with a guru, or teacher India
People invented gunpowder, firecrackers, and the magnetic compass China
Literature, such as the Tale of Genji, was written mainly by wealthy ladies. Japan
People who created a special type of poem that is still popular today Japan
The ancient Japanese believed that the emperor, supposedly a descendent of the sun goddess, deserved to be worshiped. How is this different from the way you view your country's leaders? Most leaders are not considered to be deity are not worshiped
What does the Bible say about worshiping man? The Bible commands us to have no other gods but the one true God. Only He deserves worship
The trade route set up between China and many Western countries was called Silk Road
The city of ___________ became the center of culture and the arts, opening the doors to Japan's golden age Heian-kyo
The works containing Confucius's teachings are known as the Classics
Indian students learned about living according to the rules of their __________, the name for their social class Caste
The numerals we use every day we invented by the Indians
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