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virtuous morally good person
scarcely barely
fervently with inthusiasm
chutney a fruit relish(tomatoes too)
shepherds to guid-lead to some where
refuge safe shelter
nautical dealing with sea and sailors
bailiff oversees of land
wattle and daub walls made of mud and sticks
jerkin short coat
broth liquid soup without meat or vegies
delibrately intentinal
warren buildings crowded together with lots of people
muster to gather/ assembly
hep plant material used to make rope
fathom unit of measure=6ft.
navies plural for navy; many warship
frenzied frantic
apprentice a person who works for someone to learn a trade
supple flexible
flogging a whipping
shilling a British unit of money
impending an event that is going to occur of happen
mess mealtime in the military
curtly describing a short or rudely given response
stupendous amazing
sick bay a medical area
shrilled a high pitched voice or sound
rasping rough voice
manuscript handwritten doucuments
disparaging rude remarks
sedentary an area where a river meets the shore
bulkhead a protected area
cask a wooden barrel used to store liquids on a ship
atilt tillted
scalding very hot liquid
rogue a rascl person
plight a dangerous situation
encrusted in a crust of some kind
reeking smelling very badly
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