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Nutrition tri 3

NYCC - Nutrition MT Ruddy

Prevents night blindness (nyctalopia) A
Repair and maintenance of epithelial tissues A
r/t skin & eye A
Retinol & carotenoids A
most toxic vitamin A
Has teratogenic effects in excess A
type of vitamin A that is safe at any level carotenoid
Source: red meat A - retinol
Source: orange/yellow skin of fruit/veg & dark green veg A - Carotenoid
Abx, laxative & some cholesterol lowering drugs (provacol/levacol) interfere with absorption of? A
Sites of vit D synthesis sun --> skin --> LV --> KI
Required for absorption of calcium & phosphorous in intestines D
Important in osteoporosis D
Sources: CLO, diary products (esp hard cheeses), eggs D
Sources of vit d Sources: CLO, diary products (esp hard cheeses), eggs
Diuretics affect the _____ ratio? Causing what sx? Ca/vit D. Cramps
Protects RBC membranes E
Sources of vit E Nuts, cold nut oils, wheat germ
Active forms of Vit E d alpha tocopherol, mixed tocopherols
You need what mineral to absorb vit E? Zinc
"K is for _____" clotting
Needed for prothrombin production K
Essential for bone formation & repair K
osteocalcin protein in bone. Binds Mg & Ca Hydroxide crystals. K helps bring osteocalcin to area of fx
Reduces symptoms of morning sickness K
sources of K Black strap molasses, dark green veg
Interferes with prescription blood thinners K
B1 aka Thiamine pyrophosphate
Essential for carbohydrate metabolism B1
Anti-neuritic vitamin B1
Deficiency: Gi disturbances, nervousness, peripheral neuropathies B1
Deficiency sx of B1 Deficiency: Gi disturbances, nervousness, peripheral neuropathies
Sources of B vit Wheat germ, brewers yeast
B2 aka Riboflavin
active forms of B2 FAD, FMN
Necessary for cellular respiration B2
What vitamins are affected by BC B1,2,6
general symptom for any B vit deficiency glossitis
deficiency causes chelosis B2
Sources of B2 Dairy, grain, wheat germ, brewer's yeast
Active forms of B3 Niacin, Niacinimide, Nicotinic acid
help with carb, fat & protein metabolism B3
Deficiency causes Pellagra & 3d's (diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia) B3
Deficiency sx of B3 Deficiency causes Pellagra & 3d's (diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia)
Anti stress vit B5
aids in production of adrenal hormones B5
Deficiency sx: burning feet B5
Deficiency sx of tingling hands & feet B1,5, 12
Included in more body functions than any other nutrient B6
Aids in prevention of heart d/e B6
What is an indicator of HD? Homocysteine
of the B vitamins, which is most important to break down homocysteine to succinyl CoA? B12
What B vit brings homocysteine back to Krebs? B6
Which B vit is a methyl donor (r/t homocysteine) B9
Enhances bioavailability of Mg? B6
Heat sensitive vit B9
B9 aka tetrahydrofolate or H4 folate
Essential for synthesis of DNA/RNA, blood cell formation, development of neural tube B9
Essential for DNA/RNA synthesis B9 & 12
macrocytic, megaloblastic anemia is caused by deficiency of what? B9 or 12
helps prevent depression and anxiety B9 & 12
Folic acid works best when combined with? B12 & vit C
B12 aka cyanocobalamin
Important for SAMe B12 & 9
a deficiency causes permanent neurological damage B12
Enhances effects of cortisone and estrogen by preventing their breakdown in the Liver PABA
Prevents the accumulation of abnormal fibrous tissue (surgical wounds, scleroderma, dermatomyositis PABA
Antioxidant in water soluble tissues C
Antiviral & enhances immunity C
Vit C works synergistically with what vit? E
Vit E works synergistically with what vit? C
Deficiency: scurvy, echimosis, poor wound healing C
Deficiency sx of C scurvy, echimosis, poor wound healing
Sources: red peppers, broccoli, cantelope, acerola, rosehips C
sources of vit C red peppers, broccoli, cantaloupe, acerola, rosehips
You can have gastric distress when mix what? ASA & Vit C
Pregnancy doses can't be excessive or baby will develop scurvy C
helps preserve capillaries Bioflavanoids
Decreases cholesterol levels (acts as a blood thinner by reducing platelet aggregation and protecting LDL receptors) Bioflavanoids
Helps in utilization of B-complex vitamins Biotin
Made by intestinal flora Biotin & K
Helps in tx of DM Biotin
CoQ10 aka ubiquinone
is CoQ10 water or fat soluble? fat
plays a critical role in energy production in all cells CoQ10
Found in highest concentration in mitochondria CoQ10
Vit __ aids in absorption of CoQ10 E
Good for heart patients because mitochondira, helps use remaining muscle tissue effectively. CoQ10
Provides the body with AA building blocks for manufacture of hormones, antibodies, enzymes & tissues Protein
Body maintains AA pool Protein
Mutual supplementation 2 incomplete proteins combined. aka complementary protein
Essential in infancy and childhood for energy & growth. Fat
Saturated fats & chol increases LDL & serum chol
Polyunsat fat and chol may lower LDL, affects HDL
Monounsat fat & chol lowers LDL, doesn't affect HDL
Refined vs unrefined carbs unrefined has fiber
undigestible carb fiber
Created by: mrw2013
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