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Industrial Review

Instustrial Revolution MKI

suffrage right to vote
cottage industry system where goods were made in individual homes by hand. quality good, but not enough goods were made
textiles cloth goods
Eli Whitney inventor of interchangeable parts and the cotton gin
War of 1812 Great Britain blockaded American ports during this war making it impossible to import manufactured goods. This led to more American industry.
cotton gin a machine that cleaned cotton and perpetuated slavery
Transportation Revolution a period of rapid growth in the speed and convenience of travel
free enterprise economic system in which there is competition between businesses with little government control
Robert Fulton brought the steamboat to America; most associated with his ship the Clemont
Samuel Slater person who built the first mill in America
Industrial Revolution a period of rapid growth in the use of machines in manufactured and production
Factory System bringing machines and people together under one roof
Gibbon v. Ogden supreme court ruling that the federal government was more powerful than the state government
mass production making large numbers of goods exactly the same
trade unions a group that works to improve pay and working conditions for their members
Lowell System the idea of hiring young, unmarried women from local farms to work in factories
strikes workers refuse to work until their demands are met
Created by: mharlan
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