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ortho tests

test name-test action

Ortho Test NameOrtho Test Action
Eden's Costoclavicular monitor radial pulse
Wright's Hyperabduction radial pulse, active to 180 repeat passively
Bakody's arm on head
Lasegue's/Straight Leg Raise Hold heel, raise leg
Braggard's Lower leg to below pt of px and dorsiflex foot
Fajersztajn/Well L R Unaffected leg is raised
Goldthwait Lift affected leg, palp l-s jt
Millgram's pt actively raise both legs off table 2-3"
Patrick Faebre's Test Lat mal. on oppo knee and depress flexed knee
Hibb's Test Thigh ext push femur into buttock then push leg laterally
Thomas Test Max flex of knee and thigh on abdomen
Adson's Test radial pulse, arm at 45 in ext; pt rotate head to examiner and breath in
Compression Test Press down on top of head
Distraction Test Upward traction is applied to the head
Spurling's Foraminal Encroachment Test Pt max rotates and extends head to affected side; down press applied
Shoulder Depression Depress shoulder on oppo side as head is lat flexed
Soto Hall Passive flex of neck of supine pt; stabilize sternum
Jackson's Just lat flex while Dr. pushes down
Max Cervical Compression Rot, L Flex, extend
Allen's Pt. pumps hand, occlude radial or ulnar, open hand watch for flushing
Adson's Scalenus Anticus Abd arm, ext, and lat rotate while radial pulse is monitored. Pt rotates head to side and takes deep breath
Kernig's Test Flex thigh and knee, then ext knee
Brudzinski (Soto Hall) Dr. elev chin to chest
Ganeslen's Supine Test flex one thigh and hold, hyperext other by lowering it off table, apply down pressure to ext thigh
True Leg Length ASIS to medial malleolus
Apparent Leg Length Umbilicus to medial malleolus
Ely's Test Heel is brough to the oppo buttock
Nachlas Max flex of knee to same buttock with stabilization of ipsi hip
Yeoman's Test With knee flexed, hyperext thigh while down pressure on si jt
Bechterew Pt ext one leg at a time
Minor's Sign Pt holds back for support on rising from chair
Gower's Sign Pt climbs up legs on rising from chair
Supported Adam's Pt exp px on flex; flex is performed again with dr. bracing sacrum w/ hip
Neri's Bowing Sign Ask pt to bend over with straight legs
Kemp's Stabilize pelvis with one hand and with oter, bring oppo shoulder back and down
Trendelenberg Pt stands on one leg
Gillet Test One thumb on S2 tubercle, one on PSIS; ask pt to flex thigh. Compare w/ other side
Lewin-Gaenslen's Involved side up; dr. behind pt; hyperext thigh while stabilizing hip
Iliac Compression Affected side up; pressure is applied down on superior ilium
Ober's Test Abd and ext thigh, then drop it
Burn's Bench Pt attempts to bend over and touch flr while kneeling on bench, dr. holds heels
Hoover's Sign Supine; pt. raises affected leg while dr. has hands under heels
O'Donohue Test Pt actively moves part against resistance, then is passively moved thru full ROM
Dejerine's Triad Cough, sneeze, strain
Valsalva Bear down as in bowel mvmt
Apley's Scratch Test Touch oppo shoulder with affected arm, reach behind head to touch superior angle of oppo scap, reach behind back to touch inf angle of oppo scap
Codman's Drop Arm Arm passively abd to above shoulder level then remove support suddenly
Apprehension Flex, abd, ext rotate pt's arm
Dawbarn Abd pt's arm while deep palp of pxful area on shoulder
Dugas Pt touches other shoulder with hand
Yergason's Test Flex elbow 90; dr. palp over bicip groove while int and ext rotating arm against resistance
Cozen's Test Ext and pronate arm and ext wrist; stabilize elbow and ext wrist against resistance
Mill's Test Arm ext; max pronate, make a fist ext? wrist; dr. supinate against resistance
Stability Tests Valgus, varus, flex and ext of elbow
Tinel's Sign Tap over ulnar n. in ulnar n. sulcus
Phalen's Test Dorsum of wrists are pressed together in max flex, hold 30-60 sec
Finkelstein's Test With thumb tucked in fist, bring wrist into ulnar deviation
Tinel's Percuss over median n.
Froment's Paper Sign Paper is placed betw thumb and index finger
Pinch Grip Test Pt is asked to touch tips of thumb & index finger together; pad to pad contact is made, not tip to tip
Drawer Sign Knee flexed and foot on table, apply A-P stress then P-A stress on prox tibia
Bounce Home Test Flex knee, then while holding ankle, passively ext knee
McMurray's Test Ext leg from fully flex position in lat rotation while palp jt space, repeat in medial rotation
Reduction Click Test Flex knee while int and ext rotating it, continue to rotate while ext the leg
Effusion Test - Major Press down on patella and quickly release
Effusion Test - Minor Milk knee from suprapatellarpouch, tap medial side of knee post to patella
Grinding Test for Patella Push patella distally, pt contracts the quads while exerting down pressure on patella
Apprehension Test Push patella inf and lat
Stress Tests W/ knee slightly flexed, apply valgus and then varus stress
Apley's Compression Test Knee is flexed 90, apply down pressure to bottom of foot while rotating knee medially and laterally
Apley's Distraction Test Same as compression but with distraction
Homan's Sign Dorsiflex ankle
Anterior Foot Drawer Pt foot hanging freely, sheering force is applied; distal tibia post, calc ant
Stability Test Passively invert calc and passivley evert calc
Thompson's/Simmond's/Achille's Continuity Test Feet dangling off table, squeeze calf muscle
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