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US History TAKS #3

McLaughlin/Brown-U.S. History-CHS TAKS Review #3

What year did Columbus discover the new world? 1492
Jamestown, Virginia, the first successful English colony, was settled in what year? 1607
The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th of what year? 1776
What year did our constitution replace the Constitutional Convention & Articles of Confederation? 1787
What year did the Louisiana Purchase & Lewis and Clark expedition take place? 1803
taxation without representation - Stamp Act & Colonial protests against British taxes and policies causes of the American Revolution
1215, British document that limited the power of the king Magna Carta
1689, British document that gave English citizens certain rights English Bill of Rights
first representative government in the colonies Virginia House of Burgesses
first written constitution in the colonies Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
1776, Americans listed grievances against King George III of England, declared American colonies to be independent Declaration of Independence
Failed first attempt at a national government. Federal government had very limited power, difficult to pass a law, no president, couldn't tax or raise money Articles of Confederation
Reconstruction led by President Lincoln & then Andrew Johnson, both wanted peace without punishment. Confederates were allowed back into the Union if they pledged loyalty to the Union. Presidential Reconstruction
the republicans in Congress take control of reconstruction; they wanted the South punished; the Southern states are divided into 5 military districts; Southern leaders were disenfranchised Congressional Reconstruction
President of the U.S. at the end of the Civil War, he was assassinated and not able to finish his plan of bringing the South back into the Union Abraham Lincoln
man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln John Wilkes Boothe
Lincoln's vice-resident, he bacame president after Lincoln was Killed; he was impeached by Congress because he was interfering with Congressional Reconstruction Andrew Johnson
Civil War hero that served as U.S. President during reconstruction Ulysses S. Grant
laws passed in the South right after the Civil War; they limited the freedom of ex-slaves Black Codes
organization that helped ex-slaves after the Civil War Freedmen's Bureau
name given to Northerners who came to the South during reconstruction to take advantage of the hard times Carpetbaggers
name given to white Southerners that cooperated with the Reconstruction governments Scalawags
founded in 1866, this organization attempted to stop ex-slaves from gaining equality in the South Ku Klux Klan
a popular system of farming after the Civil War, a farmer worked a piece of land and was paid with a portion of the crop sharecropping
laws passed in the South that segregated the races Jim Crow laws
Created by: pennyboone