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US History TAKS #2

McLaughlin/Brown-U.S. History-CHS TAKS Review #2

war between the U.S. and England, it was the only time, other than 9/11, that our Capital was attacked War of 1812
one of the causes of the Civil War slavery
Southern states thought they had the right to follow only the laws that were good for their state, and nullify the others states' rights & nullification
President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis
U.S. President during the Civil War Abraham Lincoln
Northern General that helped lead the North to victory Ulysses S. Grant
Southern General that led the South to many victories early in the Civil War Robert E. Lee
first fighting of the Civil War Fort Sumter
Northern victory, gave the North control of the Mississippi River and cut the South in half Battle of Vicksburg
huge victory for the North, after this battle the South was on the run Battle of Gettysburg
Northern strategy to weaken the South, Lincoln declared all slaves in the Southern states free Emancipation Proclamation
U.S. system which includes: economic choice, competition, profit and limited government regulations Free Enterprise Economic System
government controls most economic decisions and owns most of the means of production Command Economic System
growing crops just to feed a family subsistence farming
growing crops for commerical sale market-oriented farming
small scale production requiring little capital cottage industry
the spreading of ideas, technology, religions and other cultural practices cultural diffusion
relating to a city, of or in a city urban
relating to the countryside, of or in the countryside rural
rights that connot be taken away or surrendered unalienable rights
the right to vote and the exercise of that right suffrage
an original document, picture or journal from the time period in which the event occurred primary source
information that comes from other sources such as a textbook or encyclopedia secondary source
wrote The Declaration of Independence, 3rd President of the U.S. Thomas Jefferson
leader of the Continental Army, Ist President of the U.S. George Washington
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