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AHI CH8 Test

At the Constitutional Convention, how long did they agree the slave trade would last? 20 years
Where was the Constitutional Convention held? Philadelphia
The agreement betweeen the Virginia Plan & New Jersey Plan was called what? The Great Compromise
Another word for a 2 house legislature? Bicameral
What was considered the West during the Confederation period? Anything beyond the Mississippi River
What is a republic? A government in which representatives are elected to govern on behalf of the people.
Which state did not want a stronger government? Rhode Island
How many states had to ratify the Constitution? 9
What did Baron de Montesquieu think should limit the power of government? Separation of powers
Who has the power to declare war? Congress
Did the Federalists support the Constitution? Yes
Did George Washington criticize the Articles of Confederation? No
What is an economic depression? A steep drop in economic activity.
What did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 do? Made rules for governing new territories.
Who presented the Virginia Plan? Edmund Randolph
What were some weakness of the Articles of Confederation? Little control over individual states and citizens Make laws but no rules for carrying them out No court system States not required to send money to Congress
Describe the Land Ordinance of 1785. Land was surveyed and divided Townships-6 sq miles Sections-1 sq mile Acres-640 per section $1 per section but had to buy entire section Only for the rich Land companies bought and divided the land
Describe the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. Sets up territories for new states. Governor appointed No slavery Bill of rights Public education 60,000 people to make constitution
Who were 3 people not at the Constitutional Convention? Paul Revere Thomas Jefferson John Adams
What are Checks and Balances? Gives each branch control over others President must sign bill into law President can veto-Congress can override with 2/3 voe President can make treaties-Senate must approve President can appoint judges-Congress must approve
When was the Constitutional Convention held? May thru Sept 1787 -
Who was at the Constitutional Convention? Washington, Franklin, Madison-nicknamed 'Father of the Constitution'
Why was the Constitutional Convention held? To revise the Articles of Confederation
What were the original 2 plans introduced at the Constitutional Convention? Virginia Plan (large state) population determines representation New Jersey Plan (small state) equal representation
What was the agreement reached between the Virginia and New Jersey Plans Great Compromise- Bicameral-2 house House of Representatives-based on pop. Senate-equal representation
What was the 3/5ths Compromise Slaves would be counted for representation- 5 slaves=3 people South liked it, North didn't
How did the Constitution become law? Signed by 39 of 42 delegates 9 state must ratify
Created by: eholtzen