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Kansas Chapter 5

statehood term referring to when Kansas became the 34th state admitted to the union, occurring on January 29, 1861
early state problems phrase referring to the fact that life was tough in early statehood because of drought, no money in the state treasury, the state indebtedness, and there weren’t any weapons in the state armory in order to protect Kansas from invaders
“Ad Astra Per Aspera” Kansas state motto which means “to the stars through difficulty,” which was proposed by the first Kansas Secretary of State John James Ingalls
Kansas state seal phrase describing the official image of Kansas which contains images of mountains, a river, Indians on a buffalo hunt, a pioneer wagon train, and a farmer plowing his field
state constitution phrase referring to the document that had many rights that were guaranteed including: right to assemble, bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and “all political power is inherent in the people”
Civil War in Kansas phrase describing the period in Kansas where the war between the states affected Kansas along with continued tension created during “Bleeding Kansas”
James Lane’s Frontier Guard phrase describing the group of 100 Kansans who protected President Lincoln in the White House during the first three weeks of the Civil War
First Kansas Colored Infantry term referring to the African American men who enlisted in the Union Army at Fort Leavenworth and became the first black regiment to fight in the Civil War
Kansas troop heroism phrase describing the men who fought in the Civil War, where out of 30,000 men who lived in Kansas 20,000 of them enlisted in the service with nearly 8,500 of them dying during the course of the war
Battle of Dry Wood Creek clash between Union and Confederate forces where Confederate troops planned to take Fort Scott but were met by Kansas troops, a battle ensued, Kansas forces are pushed back to Fort Scott where they fortified their position
Sacking of Osceola event where James Lane led a group of Union troops from Fort Scott through the border towns in Missouri, raiding and pillaging, culminating in the burning down of many buildings in the town
Quantrill’s Raid event where Confederate marauders led by William Quantrill, rode into Lawrence and killed 140 men and also burned several buildings, in response to the sacking of Osceola
General Order #11 order given by the Union army in response to Quantrill’s Raid that four border counties in Missouri be evacuated to quell tensions, Missourians were forced out of their homes, allowing Union troops to raid and pillage the settlements
Battle of Baxter Springs event where Quantrill’s group, after the attack on Lawrence, decide to move south and attack a Union post, Fort Blair. They are unsuccessful but do happen upon a Union group headed to the fort, Quantrill attacks and kills several men
Price’s Raid event where Confederate forces, led by General Stephen Price, try to capture Missouri from the Union, in a series of battles across the state, culminating with a loss at Westport, forcing him to retreat to the South through Kansas
Battle of Marais des Cygnes event where Confederate forces fought a battle against Union forces who had caught up with them after they crossed over into Kansas
Battle of Mine Creek event where Confederate forces make a large stand against Union forces after making a quick escape at the Battle of Marais des Cygnes, but after an extensive cavalry battle, lose many men and supplies and are forced to retreat
Battle of Marmiton River event where Confederate forces are again tracked down by Union troops after the Battle of Mine Creek, but are able to defend themselves and safely escape to the South
women and Civil War phrase referring to how organized relief efforts by making uniforms and blankets and also took an active role in raising much needed money for the war effort
frontier forts term referring to military bases that were established within Kansas, serving many different objectives in the West, including protection of settlers, Indian protection, protection of trails, meeting place for military, and removal of Indians
Native American tensions phrase describing the situation where American Indians began distrusting the American government further because of encroachment of lands, depletion of buffalo, attacks, and broken promises
Medicine Lodge Peace Treaties series of treaties between the US government and Native Americans sending the Indians to reservations in Oklahoma in exchange for the settlement of land in Kansas
Sand Creek Massacre event where a tribe of 150 Cheyenne were killed by rogue leaders of the US military after they had been promised peace
Buffalo Soldiers term referring to the groups of African American military units who served in Kansas evicting squatters and engaging in the conquest of the West
railroad expansion term referring to the event where the railroads in the East began connecting to places West, including Kansas, effectively marking the beginning of the end of the American Frontier
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