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Ramp Safety T or F

True or False

If two wingwalkers are not available, it is acceptable to use one as long as that person is on the side of the aircraft where the most hazards are. False
If a piece of GSE hits an aircraft and there appears to be no damage, then it is permissible to not report. False
If a suspicious object is found, then you should move it away from the aircraft or terminal as quickly as possible. False
When removing chocks, never throw or toss them as they can bounce unpredictable and case injury to persons or damage to aircraft. True
When acting as final marshaller on departure, always stand on the Captain's side of the aircraft to preform the "end of ground guidance" and the "Clear to taxi" salute with military precision. True
Anyone in the SIDA who does not correctly display a valid, airport-issued security I.D. must be challenged and if necessary, escorted out of the security area. True
If a bypass pin is not available, a substitute can be used. False
Aways lift with your legs and not your back. True
If a co-worker forgets his or her SIDA badge, then it is alright to loan them yours to enter a security door. False
IF you are driving in the rain, drive as you would normally do on the ramp. False
Highly visible reflective garment must ONLY be warn after dark or when visibility is impaired or reduced. False
If any safety equipment on a piece of GSE is inoperative, the unit must be tagged with OUT OF SERVICE tag and removed from service. True
Created by: sweet2blea
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