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paper planes


When and where was the fraternity founded? Oct. 5, 1904 NYU
What are Two things the fraternity's alcohol policy prohibits? -No fraternity funds may be used to purchase alcohol. -No alcohol may be on fraternity grounds.
When was the local chapter founded? 1998
In what state and on what date was the fraternity incorporated? May 20, 1905 New York
What is the term used to refer to the four founding fathers? The Brooklyn Four
Who are the ten men Credited to the founding of the fraternity? Note the brooklyn four. Robert Douglas *Howard Jefferson Daniel Duff Irving Camp *George Bergen *Nathan Lane Morris Rachmil Herbert Wright *Frederic Leach William Tremaine
When and how were women granted membership? August 7, 1976. The motion to bar women was defeated and the words "must be men and" were deleted from the constitution.
What is the fraternity's flower? Yellow Rose
Where is the fraternity now incorporated and when was this approved. Indiana 1997
What are the fraternity's colors? Navy Blue and Gold
What is the minimum length of the pledge program? 5 weeks
What is the fraternity's meeting's opening question and response? For what purpose are we gathered? | A: To deliberate, to receive counsel and advice and to study the teachings of our Fraternity so that we may become better leaders
What are two things the fraternity's hazing policy prohibits? -use of paddling -hazing in any form.
What are two things the fraternity's harassment policy prohibits? - unwelcomed sexual advances - request for sexual favors
What is the forth risk management policy that is not already mentioned in the previous questions? Publication of inappropriate material
What is the fraternity's anthem? Should old acquaintance be forgot, and alpha kappa psi? shall we pass slowly out of view without regret or sigh? for alpha kappa psi, my friend, for alpha kappa psi, we'll bless the days we spent in alpha kappa psi, we'll work with might and main to win..
Created by: easa222
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